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Pandit ji Profile
Id Code : WNP
Name: Mayuresh Chandwadkar
Age: 34 Years
Experience: 21 Years
  1. Narayan Nagbali
  2. Tripindi Shradh
  3. Kaal Sarp Yog
  4. Kumbh Vivah
  5. Mahamritunjay Jaap
  6. Rudra Abhisheka
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I am tamrapatradhari panditji. I am the holder of tamparpatra. Tamprapatra is ancient scripture which provides panditji purohit official right to perfome pujas in Trimbakehswar. I am official member of purohit sangh and have birth right as I belong from precious legacy of purohits from ages. Surely, I am authentic source where you can perform your poojas authentically and by proper spiritual tradition. Tamrpatra holds the special position as it provides authencation and certification to purohits of trimbakehswar temple. May lord shiva bless you!

Hello. I am Pandit Mayuresh Shankar Chandwadkar

I am from Trimbakeshwar temple. I am the 13th generation doing all types of pujas. We perform Narayan Nagbali, Tripindi shraddha, Kalsarpa,ark vivah, kumbh vivah, Nakshatra shanti, Vastushanti. Navchandi, Rudrabhishek, Lagurudra,Maha Mrityunjaya Japa, Etc. All the poojas are performed in an ancient Vedic manner and the correct path will be guided by looking at the horoscope. We have an official family. No. We are the total gurus of Sonar, Vani, Marwadi, Shimpi, Soni Parjia

In this way, all our poojas will be performed in a religious and governmental manner. Make sure that your pooja will be perfect and make sure to contact. Thank you.

Date : 15 Dec '21
नारायण नागबली त्रिपिंडीश्राद्ध

अतिशय उत्तम प्रकारे सर्व विधी करून घेतात.. सर्व प्रकारे समाधान झालेलं आहे अतिशय उत्कृष्ट गुरुजी..

Ketki kothari
Date : 15 Dec '21
Narayan nagbali tripindi

Very best service...... Fullly satisfied with pooja performed

Lakshmana Rao chanapathi
Date : 29 Dec '21
Narayana Bali pooja

Narayana bagnali 3 days pooja performed.. very much satisfied with Pandith ji.. clearly explained everything in Hindi as well as English.. very much appreciated.

Date : 02 Jan '22
Kaal Sarpa Pooja

Panditji did a very good pooja;he explained everything to us well. He explained the mantras well and allowed us to sit and take part in the pooja ,for the entire duration.he was very thorough in doing all rituals, and did it with sincerity and dedication.

Mr. Bhat
Date : 21 Feb '22
Narayan Nagbali

The puja was performed with full devotion by Guruji. Guruji explained the importance behind the rituals. Everything was well guided. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Mr. Bhat
Date : 21 Feb '22
Narayan Nagbali

The puja was performed with full devotion by Guruji. Guruji explained the importance behind the rituals. Everything was well guided. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

शशिकांत भट
Date : 21 Feb '22
नारायण बली, नाग बली

विधी व पुजा खुप चांगल्या पध्दतीने समजावून सांगीतल्या व करवून घेतल्या. सर्व शास्त्रोक्त पद्धतीने, शिस्तीने करवून घेतले याचे समाधान झाले. तसेच रहाण्याची सोय, भोजन यासाठी चांगल्या सूचना दिल्या. त्यामुळे कोठेही गैरसोय झाली नाही आणि विधी व पुजेत निश्चिंतपणे बसलो.

श्रद्धा कामथ भट
Date : 21 Feb '22
नारायण नागबली

मयुरेश गुरुजी आणि शंकर गुरुजी दोघांनीही पूजा व्यवस्थित करवून घेतली . विशेषक़रुन सपत्निक पूजा करताना दोघांना समान महत्व दिला गेला. खूप धन्यवाद .

Ravikant Bhat
Date : 21 Feb '22
Narayan Bali / Nag Bali

These rituals are performed in parts over three consecutive days. We chose from a choice of dates that Guruji offered us to perform the rituals. The arrangements were elaborate. Before commencing, the significance of the day’s rituals and the importance of the place where they were being performed was explained in detail by Guruji. The instructions while performing the rituals were clear and wherever relevant, were preceded or followed by an explanation on the offerings, prayer utterances etc. This created a solemn focus on the rituals. Guruji also helped with instructions / suggestions on other aspects like local stay and food. Overall, we did not face any hassles and had a feeling of contentment on conclusion of the rituals.

Aniket Gaurav
Date : 25 Feb '22
Kaal Sarp Dosh Pooja

I got guruji nunber from one of my friend who did the same pooja few months back. i reached there on time(morning 8am). pooja started with all the tradition keeing on mind. we did pooja got Ganesh ji,shandkar ji, rahu,kaal and sarp pooja was done very nicely. Also pandit ji explain in details as why we are doing this and what all steps need to be done. over all i am very much satisfied with all the process.

Lakshmikanth Darbha
Date : 06 Mar '22
My experience

It was great experience to have Abhishekam performed with Mayuresh Chandwadkar, He guided with all the procedures, i had great darshan of the lord, and great abhishekam with all the due procedures performed, blissful experience

Date : 10 Mar '22
Narayan nagbali Pooja

One of the best pandit ji inTrimbakeshwar I am very happy to do Pooja by mayuresh guruji,he explained every minute details of the Pooja

Perupalli yadagiri Srinivas
Date : 18 Mar '22
Narayan Nagbali Pooja

Through website, randomly, I opted for Pandit Mayuresh ji, this is my first visit to Triambakeshwar. Mayureshji guided perfectly to reach the place confidently. Method of Pooja was very detailed for which we are very very satisfied with his expertised guidance. I am sure, our forth coming results in our life would be great. Thank you Panditji for your blessings and wishes.

Sachin Krishna Wakhare
Date : 12 Apr '22
नारायण नाग बली

गुरुजी छान प्रकारे, शास्त्रोक्त पद्धतीने नारायण नाग बली विधी करतात, आपल्याला त्याचा भावार्थ, विधी कश्या साठी, प्रत्येक कृती मधे काय फळीतार्थ आहे हे छान समजून सागंतात

Samiksha Sunil Surve
Date : 15 Apr '22
Narayan nagbali and pitru dosh

Very efficient polite explained the meaning of every Puja ritual.

Samiksha Sunil Surve
Date : 21 Apr '22

Pitrudosh ki puja guruji ne karwaya Puri tarah se santust hu Dhanyawad pandit ji

Alekh Sinha
Date : 04 May '22
Kamal Surp Dosh Pooja

I was contacted to guru on 22.04.2022 for my daughter Kaal Surp Dosh Nivaran Pooja. He has given time according to my suitable time with seeing good day for Pooja. We have decided on Monday 02.05.2022 for Kaal Surp Dosh Pooja. He has completed Pooja on the said day and also very efficiently explained the meaning of every step of Pooja. All the Pooja material was arranged by Guruji. I am very much satisfied with his Pooja . He also help me to get accommodation on 01.05.2022 as all the hotel was booked and are charging too much amount. Thanks to guru ji for his contribution and help. Jai Maha Kal

निलेश अत्तरदे
Date : 31 May '22

खुप छान झाली

निलेश अत्तरदे
Date : 31 May '22
कालसर्प ची पुजा


निलेश अत्तरदे
Date : 03 Jun '22
पुजा एकदम छान झाली

खुपच छान झाली

Date : 09 Jun '22
छान झाली।

मैं त्रयंबकेश्वर में रुद्र परायण के लिए आया था। परायण 9-Mar-22 से 17-Mar-22 थक था। मेरी मां का श्राद 15-Mar-22 पे था। मयूरेश पंडितजी और उनके पिताजी दोनो ने मिलकर श्राद को नियमों के साथ बड़ी श्रद्धा के साथ करवाया और ब्राह्मण भोजन का भी बंदोबस्त किया था। उनका संपर्क बड़ी श्रद्धा और प्यार से है और मुझे खुशी है के मेरी उनसे मुलाकात हुई।

Pankaj anand
Date : 25 Jun '22
Kaal sarp dosh puja

Pandit ji ne bahut ache se puja karayi and also explained the meaning of every step. Thank you to pandit ji for this. Har Har Mahadev

Tukaram Gorde
Date : 27 Jun '22
Kal sarp yog, Narayan Nagbali pooja

Narayana Nagbali 3 days pooja performed,fully satisfied with pooja performed,very best service, clearly explained meaning of pooja each and every step and because of that we developed household relationship with each other.

Date : 30 Jul '22
Narayan Nagbali Pooja

Panditji is very refined in procedure and mantra ucharan. We have done Narayan nagbali Pooja in Dec 2014. We are thankful to him. We got the result in no time. Really blessed to have found you…Har har mahadev

Date : 30 Jul '22
Sani/Rahu pooja and Tripindi shradh

गुरुजी छान प्रकारे, शास्त्रोक्त पद्धतीने पूजा विधी करतात, आपल्याला त्याचा भावार्थ, प्रत्येक कृती मधे काय फळीतार्थ आहे हे छान प्रकारे सागंतात

Sumit sharma
Date : 30 Jul '22

Fully satisfied kaal sarp Pooja done by chandeakar pandit ji

Date : 03 Aug '22
Kaal sarpa Pooja

Fully satisfied kaal sarpa Pooja Guru ji ne hmari Pooja bahut se kiye and also explained every step of pooja

Vikram Singh
Date : 05 Aug '22
Kaali sarp Pooja and Chandan dosh pooja

Every rituals perform by pandit ji very satisfactory. And pandit ji behavior is too good .Har Har Mahadev.

Yogita Agarwal
Date : 15 Aug '22
Kaal sarpa pooja

Kaal Sarpa Pooja Fully satisfied kaal sarpa Pooja Guru ji ne hmari Pooja bahut se kiye

Vinayak Utekar
Date : 19 Aug '22

Each and Every Rituals perform by pandit very nice, Everything was well guided. Overall it was a wonderful experience

प्रमोद उपाध्याय
Date : 24 Aug '22
नारायणबली, नागबाली पूजा।

पंडित मयूरेश्वर द्वारा हमे उपरोक्त दोनों पूजा बहुत ही विधि विधान से करवाई गई,। किसी भी प्रकार की कोई जल्दबाजी नहीं की गई।शांति के साथ सभी पूजा पर विधि विधान के साथ एवम यह भी समझाया गया कि यह पूजा क्यों आवश्यक है। हम इस पूजा से संतुष्ट है।

Chella Adisesh
Date : 29 Aug '22
Fantastic services

He did the service very well as I was able to follow him and his instructions were very clear on what needs to be done I will take all Services from Him in the future too

Vivek Joshi
Date : 18 Sep '22
Excellent Puja

We got Narayan Nagabali 3 days puja done by Mayuresh guruji. He explained very nicely each and every step of puja and got the puja done in very calm manner. He explained in Hindi and Marathi both. He is very organised and punctual.

Bharatesh K
Date : 17 Oct '22
Pooja done well

Pooja was done very well and we are satisfied.

Date : 14 Nov '22
Naag bali puja

Pt. Mayuresh ji and his father organised our puja very well. They explained every thing about the puja and my family is very happy and satisfied with their puja . 3 days puja was very smooth and well organised. Thank you

Shailendra Singh rana
Date : 20 Nov '22
Narayan naagbali pooja

We are blessed.... it's amazing , full worship is excellent.. they explained everything about Pooja in a very clearly. No doubt it's awsm

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