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"One of the divine Jyotirlinga among Twelve Jyotirlingas in India"
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Privacy Policy

We provide services from time to time, during the registration of various services through our website/web portal, ('Website,' telephone search, SMS and WAP) or any other medium where ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES PVT LTD which provide services (collectively referred to as "AIGS"). The company may provide services (collectively referred to as "AIGS").

You may be asked to have your name included, state of residence, workplace address, email address, date of birth, eligibility for education, and other personal information ("Personal Information"). For three general purposes, personal information/data is used: to configure the content you see on the website/web portal, to satisfy your requests for certain services, and to notify you about our services through email, SMS, and other forms of communication, but not restricted to them. Unless expressly specified otherwise, this policy refers to Personal Information as disclosed on any of the AIGS. AIGS is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of all of your personal information that you may share as an AIGS user. We have this strategy to show our good faith in promoting it.

The policy does not apply to the activities of businesses we do not own or to persons we do not recruit or manage. The Personal Data and information will be kept confidential and used only for our research, marketing and strategic customer analysis objectives, and other internal business purposes.

We do not sell or rent personal information unless, through any of the AIGS, you are a client of our search services. Your personal information is shared with our subscribers/advertisers, and you are considered to have consented to it.

Also, depending on the question or inquiry you make with us, the subscribers/advertisers who are listed with us can call you to inquire about any of them.

Product / Service or Product

Good / Service of any advertiser or subscriber

Any unique subscriber/product advertiser's / Service.

Only in one of the following conditions will we share personal information: - If we have your permission or considered consent to do so - If we are obliged to do so by law (including court orders)

We also put effective physical, electronic, and managerial processes to protect and safeguard the information we receive electronically to promote the confidentiality with which we handle personal information.

We offer you the freedom to edit your profile details and preferences of your account at any time, including if you

Infringement Policy

The website/web portal, includes trademarks, logos, trade names, service marks, and other marks (collectively, 'Trademarks'), which are the intellectual property of ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES PVT LTD or its vendors or third parties.

You understand that AIGS uses the Marks of vendors and third parties procured from the owner and distribution channel. In doing so, ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES PVT LTD has no intention to obtain any rights of use or license regarding these Tags/Marks.

By banning the use of the website/portal for infringement of Other parties' or the legal owner's intellectual property rights, this infringement policy helps create a safer marketplace.

Sellers and buyers or subscribers are expected by AIGS policy to comply with all government laws and laws, including, though not limited to, rules and regulations, Infringement Policy as updated from time to time.

If you see anything that you consider or believe is infringing intellectual property rights on the website/web portal, please submit an initiation of infringement to ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES PVT LTD at and call us at 8380808399.

ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES PVT LTD will not process requests that do not specify the exact product IDs, URLs, and below-specified data. Please do not include links to browse search query pages or links, as these pages are complex and change their content over time.

How to Notify a Listing

If you have a strong belief that your IP right has been infringed on the website/portal by either of our sellers or someone else, you should follow the procedure below or seek legal advice.

We allow the owner or designated representative of the intellectual property to provide the following information and email to the email mentioned above id.

The email should contain the information given below.

  • Identification attachment
  • definition of Intellectual Property Rights infringement.

Unambiguous indication or explanation of where the content you say is infringing is located with relevant details on the website/portal. Brand ID / infringing goods website links.

Email address, phone number, and address.

A claim from you that the information in your notice is factual and that you are the proprietor of the copyright or intellectual property or allowed to act on behalf of the proprietor of the copyright or intellectual property.

Name of Brand/Trade (in case of Trademark infringement)

Intellectual property facts being infringed (provide attachments to copyrighted images or trademark certificates) Details/documents of legal proceedings brought against the organizations (infringing the Intellectual Property rights of the owner)

The policy of grievance Redressal:

ARIC INFOLINK GLOBLE SERVICES PVT LTD shall, within 15 (fifteen) working days, take all appropriate measures or delete the infringed product/information from its website/portal, subject to verification of the details referred to above and of the nature of the complaint.

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