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Kaal Sarp Yog

"One of the divine Jyotiringla among Twelve Jyotrinlingas in India"
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Kalsarp Yog is dosh occurs if the person has harmed a snake in his present or past life. Many times this dosha happens in case of our deceased ancestors are displeased.

The Kal Sarpa Dosha suggests no implications in Sanskrit. It is often considered that if Kal Sarpa Yog dosha is not fulfilled by the pooja offered by the Panditji, which is "Kal Sarpa Yog Shanti Pooja," then it will impact the work and make it hardest to perform. According to Vedic astrology, people who come under this Yog are identified as dedicated to their families and society.

This dosh is also known as ‘Vipareeta Kaalsarp Yog.’It is the astrological condition when the Planets (Griha) comes in between "Rahu" and "Ketu," the person shows signs of this dosha. It is supposed to be available in one's horoscope if all seven "Griha" trapped in such a manner in which they are located in between "Rahu" and "Ketu." These two Griha "Rahu" and "Ketu" are considered as the "Snake" and "Tail," respectively.

Best Pandit For Kaal Sarp Puja in Trimbakeshwar:

Important Note:-

Dear yajmana ( guest) Please take a note that these trimbakehswar poojas should be done at the Trimbakeshwar Temple only by Tamprapatra holder panditji they are authentic and holding the authority from ages to perform pujas in trimbakehswar and pujas get done by this panditji will result in satisfaction and a complete solution to your problem. We want you to reach out to the most authentic source.

Kalsarp Pooja in Trimbakeshwar:

Trimbakeshwar is the holy place to perform Kal Sarpa pooja at Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple, an ancient Hindu temple in Nashik district, Maharashtra. Trimbakeshwar Temple is considered as the Shaktipitha, and it is counted as one among the 12 Jyotirlingas. If the Stars(fortune) gets trapped in a wrong arrangement, then it will cause Kal Sarpa Yog in one's life. Kalsarpa dosh is primarily associated with negative energies that affect a living being's physical and mental state.

Kal Sarpa pooja should be performed as per the Vedic Shanti scriptures. The Ritual of Kal Sarpa pooja starts with worshipping Lord Shiva (Trimbakeshwar) and then taking a holy dip in the Godavari river, signifying the purification of soul and mind; and then main pooja starts. The worshipper has to take a prime vow to eliminate Kal Sarpa Yog. The ceremony begins with Lord Varun Pujan, also known as Kalash Pujan, where holy Godavari water is withdrawn and worshiped as a deity, followed by Lord Ganesha Pujan. It is said that all sacred water, divine power, the goddess are worshipped by this Kalash (pot).

The Kaal Sarp Pooja Lasts up to 27 years of age if the Rahu resides in the 1st House, and if the Rahu Resides in the 3rd House, the effect lasts up to 36 years.

The Signs That Indicate Kalsarp Yog in Kundli:

If a person doesn't know about Kaal Sarpa yog, whether he has this dosha or unsure about this, then there are some symptoms by which he can quickly identify and take an expert astrologer or panditji's advice.

  • If a person has this yog in his horoscope, they often see their dead ancestors and family members in their dreams. Also, in some cases, people see water bodies in their dreams. A person may feel as someone is strangulated while dreaming. The person influenced by this yog has to nurture nature, is social, and does not have any greed.
  • Such people are also easily identified as they show great fear for snakes. Even they often dream about snake bites. Because of this dosha in one's kundali, one has to struggle a lot in their life and feel lonely at the time of need.
  • It is also said that some people even have aerophobia known as a 'Phobia of Dark' and 'High Altitude Places.' For curing this type of Yog in one's horoscope, one needs to seek remedies from the experts or panditji.

kaal Sarp Dosh Symptoms:

Each Individual may suffer from a different kind of Kal Sarp Yog dosh:

  • Unable to succeed in Financial Sector.
  • Facing Issue related to Marriage.
  • Problems facing related to health.
  • Challenges occurring in Education Sector.
  • Unable to revive the property.

kaal Sarp Dosh Effects:

If Rahu and Ketu's position is inappropriate, it creates tension in the marriage life of individuals and creates problems like misunderstandings, Fights, Doubts, Separation from Partners.

The Planetary Position, when not favorable, leads to losses in marriage life. It creates havoc in the life of married couples and complicates their relationship. To avoid such Circumstances, couples opt for Kal Sarp Yog Shanti Puja.

Kaal Sarp Yog Types:

There are total 12 types of these Yog, namely as Ananta, Kulika, Vasuki, shankhapala, Padma, Mahapadma, Takshakaa, karkotaka, Shankhachur, patak,Vishdar and Shesh naag yog.

It is said that the person who has this kind of Kal Sarpa yog in his kundali then he might dream about snakes. A person sees getting bitten by the snake (Sarp).

Detail of Kalsarpa Yog Dosh Types:

Different names for different types of Kaal Sarp Yog have been given by Vedic astrology. The differences in their types have also been acknowledged according to their influences. As mentioned earlier, there are overall 12 types of Kal Sarpa Yogas explained as below:

Kulik Kaal Sarp Yog:

When the Grihas Rahu and Ketu are located in the 2nd and 8th position of the horoscope, Kulik Kal sarpa yog is formed. A person influenced by this Yog has to suffer from financial problems, and one has to struggle to get things more manageable. A person does not have a good relationship with society.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog:

When the Griha's Rahu and Ketu are located in the birth chart's 3rd and 9th
Position, Vasuki kal sarpa yog occurs. The person affected by this yog struggles in his personal life and has to suffer from financial problems.

Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog:

The state of Planets (Griha) where Rahu placed in the 4th House and Ketu placed in the 10th House in the horoscope, then Shankhpal kalsarpa yog occurred. Due to the influence of this Shankhpal Kal sarpa yog, a person may face some economic and mental problems.One might face difficulties in relative's related matters.

Padma Kaal Sarp Yog:

When Rahu and Ketu are positioned in the 5th and 11th House of horoscope, this Padma Kalsarpa Yog is formed. Due to Padma Kalsarpa Yog, one may feel disgraced, and he has to face problems related to parenthood because of diseases.

Maha Padma Kaal Sarp Yog:

Maha Padma kalsarpa yog formed when Rahu and Ketu were placed in the 6th and 12th place in the birth chart. An individual who is suffering from this yog has to face some physical problems. Also, they are unfortunate in the matter of love.

Takshak Kaal Sarp Yog:

In this Takshak Kalsarpa Yog, the position of planets (Griha), namely as Rahu and Ketu, is precisely opposite to that of Anant Kalsarpa Yog, i.e., Rahu is placed in 7th position. At the same time, Ketu is in 1st position in the birth chart. A person suffering from this yog face clashes in his married life, and it causes mental stress.

Shankhachooda Kaal Sarp Yog:

This type of yog is formed when the Rahu and Ketu are in 9th and 3rd place in the birth chart. This leads an individual to anti-religious activities and some health issues and does not get any happiness in his life.

Patak Kaal Sarp Yog:

This type of yog occurs when Rahu and Ketu's place is in 10th and 4th place in the horoscope. Due to this yog, there is a rise in clashes within the family, and problems occurred in livelihood.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog:

Positioning Rahu and Ketu in the 5th and 11th House on horoscope, Vishdhar Kal Sarpa yog occurs. The impact of Vishdhar Kalsarpa Yog leads to problems related to children and education. There is also a chance that the person may face issues related to the eyes and heart.

Sheshnag Kaal Sarp Yog:

The positioning of planets in Sheshnaag Kalsarpa yog is opposite to the positioning of planets in Maha Padma Kal Sarpa Yog. A person may unnecessarily be stuck in some legal hassle because it leads to mental stress and defamation. So, if an individual has this dosha in his kundali, he needs not to worry, as griha also influences the native. In case the arrangement of other planets is auspicious in one's horoscope, he will not bear any difficulties and stresses in his life, and things will be good for him.

Precautions to be Taken Performing Kaal Sarp Pooja:

While the puja rituals are going on, eating Non-Veg food and drinking alcohol should be avoided.

Duration of Kal Sarpa Yog:

According to Hinduism, it is said that results occurred as per our past deeds (karma). This phrase is valid for this Kal Sarpa Yog as well. If a person caused the death of an animal or snake in his lifetime, then he has to suffer from Kal Sarpa Dosha in his next life.
It is often said that this Kal sarpa yog dosha effect lasts up to 55 years and the span of one's Life results depends on the position of the planets of this yog dosha, peoples who have this dosha in their Kundali's has to rebirth to fulfill their incomplete wills.

Remedies For Kal Sarpa Yog:

Some remedies for this dosha do not entirely remove this dosha in one's life but significantly minimize it.

The list of Remedies for Kal sarpa yoga is as follows:

  • Chanting the Panchakshari Mantra or doing the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap at least 108 times daily is an efficient way to solve this yog in the horoscope.
  • The remedy is by keeping the string of akeek in one hand chanting the "Beej Mantra" of Rahu 108 times daily. Watering the peepal tree every Saturday can decrease the adverse effects of Kal Sarpa Dosha. Worshipping the Nag devata by offering the 11 coconuts in the river on Nag Panchami is effective.
  • Performing Rudra Abhishek on a Monday is an efficient remedy for Kal Sarpa Dosha. A person has to worship the Lord Vishnu daily to reduce the adverse effect of Kal Sarpa Yog. Wearing a silver onyx made of silver would be beneficial.

Kalsarp Yog Mantra:

"ॐ क्रौं नमोऽस्तु सर्पेभ्यो: काल सर्प शांति कुरु कुरु स्वाहा |"

Kaal Sarp Yog Puja Cost:

The Purohit of Trimbakeshwar Temple gives Kalsarp Yog Puja cost as they provide the costing of the essentials required for puja and Daxina etc. 

Kaal Sarp Puja Benefits:

To get rid of Kaal Sarp Yog, the Individual needs to get the puja done, helping them to eliminate the negative vibes into his horoscope. The Puja is conducted at Trimbakeshwar Temple(Maharashtra) by the Purohit by chanting the shlokas/mantras for the Kal Sarp Yog Puja.

  • Helps in Providing Financial Stability.
  • Getting ridden from the effects of Kal Sarp Yog Dosh.
  • It helps in clearing the roadblocks for the Career of individuals.
  • Providing Peace of mind.


What is Kalsarp Yog Pooja?
Kalsarp Yog Pooja is a kind of Dosha that occurs in one's kundali by killing an animal/snake.
When should we do Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja?
If Plantenary Position(Griha) of Rahu and Ketu is not correctly positioned in Person's kundali.The most advantageous day to do this pooja is Amavasya.
What are the things required to do Kalsarp Yog Pooja?
Murti(Idol) of Rahu and Ketu,1 Murti(Idol) of Golden Snake is necessary for the Kalsarp Yog Pooja.
Time needed for Kalsarp Yog Pooja?
It takes 3-4 hours to perform Kalsarp Yog Pooja by the Yajmana.
What are the Signs of Kalsarp Yog affecting the Person?
If a person has Kal Sarp Yog, he dreams of bitting or killing the snake, fear of height. He sees his ancestors (forefathers) in his dreams.
Is it possible to perform Kal Sarp Yog Pooja at home?
It is suggested to perform the Pooja in the Trimbakeshwar temple to give more benefits to Yajamana.
What are the Signs to see Kal Sarp Yog?
The Person imagines the dead Person in his dream, having a fear of height, dreaming of bitting or getting bitten by a snake, dreaming of getting killed by a snake.
What are the Kaal Sarp Pooja Benefits?
The Person gets rid of Kal Sarp dosh from his horoscope(Kundali), giving him the peace of mind and improving and stability into his career.
Types of Kaal Sarp Yog Pooja?
There are 12 types of Kaal Sarpa Yoga like Kulik Kal Sarpa Yog, Vasuki Kaal Sarpa Yog, Shankhpal Kaal Sarpa Yog, Padma Kaal Sarpa Yog, Maha Padma Kaal Sarpa Yog, Takshak Kaal Sarpa Yog, Shankhachooda Kaal Sarpa Yog, Patak Kaal Sarpa Yog, Vishdhar Kaal Sarpa Yog and Sheshnag Kaal Sarpa Yog.
Which pandit performs Kaal Sarp Yog Pooja?
The authenticate Purohits of Trimbakeshwar perform the poojas of Kaal Sarp Yog.
What are the clothes needed to wear in Kaal Sarp Yog pooja?
The men need to wear white dhoti for Pooja after taking a bath in Kushavarta Pond, and women need to wear a sari. All the attire should be new. Women should avoid wearing black clothes.
What is cost of Kaal Sarp Yog Pooja?
costing of Kaal Sarp Pooja is given by the panditji who perform Pooja for the Yajmana.
Is Kaal Sarp Yog pooja affecting married life?
If there is any Kaal Sarp Yog in a person's life, then the Person may suffer from martial issues like fights, misunderstandings, separation from a partner, etc.
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