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Kumbh Vivah

"One of the divine Jyotiringla among Twelve Jyotrinlingas in India"
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Kumbh Vivah is a broader concept among the rituals performed at the Trimbakeshwar and has a fantastic effect on human life affected by mangal dosha. One of the doshas faced by any individual for the delay in marriage is Mangal Dosh. Manglik Dosha is one of the doshas that affects people's lives and causing several issues, such as delays in Manglik matrimony or Manglik brides' marrying groom.


Mangal dosh is a dosha that affects the concerned person's life and the lives of those around him. There are several spiritual remedies for avoiding the adverse effects of the Mangal Dosha.

When the native is Manglik (has a Mangal Dosh in his or her Kundali), Kumbh Vivah Puja is a marriage ritual performed to mitigate the adverse effects of planet Mangal. When a boy or Girl faces Manglik dosha in his horoscope, Kumbh Vivah is the method of marrying with a pot to eliminate the negative influence from their after-marriage lives. Kumbh Vivah is one of the most effective Manglik Matrimony solutions. Kumbh, which means Pot, and Vivah,which means Marriage, are Combined to form Vivah. As a result, the wedding with the Pot is in its collective sense.

Kumbh Vivah for Manglik brides or grooms is similar to a traditional wedding, complete with all of the Pot's rituals and ceremonies, such as wedding mantras, pheras, Kanya daan, and other customs.

The Manglik girl is then expected to change her clothes, removing all threads.The Girl then flows the Pot in the river without letting anyone know. After completing this spiritual solution, the Girl will be free of Mangal Dosha and marry the man of her choosing.Aside from making a decent match from all angles, one must discard the match simply because of a single flaw. Only Mangal Dosham does not have to be the sole cause of the couple's marital breakup. In the respective horoscopes of Girl and child, there are often awful mixtures of widowhood and widower hood that can misfire badly.

People who believe that marrying a Manglik would cause her husband to die young. To avoid this disaster, the bride marries a tree-like banana or peepal, an animal, or a lifeless entity. Depending on the "groom" used in the ceremony, this marriage tradition has several names.

Kumbh Vivah being conducted has a justified reason as it nulls the chances of divorce of a couple or the girl/boy getting married again.

Best Kumbh Vivah Puja Pandit at Trimbakeshwar:

Important Note:-

Dear yajmana ( guest) Please take a note that these trimbakehswar poojas should be done by Tamprapatra holder panditji they are authentic and holding the authority from ages to perform pujas in trimbakehswar and pujas get done by this panditji will result in satisfaction and a complete solution to your problem. We want you to reach out to the most authentic source.
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Manglik / Mangal Dosha:

When a child is born, so are his planetary positions and the layout of his life. There are many dosha (Problems) occurring in the kundali of the person. These doshas can be as sadhe saati, mangal dosh, Kaal Sarp dosh, etc. Each problem has a solution to remove the dosha or minimize its effects. There are many spiritual solutions in India to remove a person's doshas from his/her horoscope. In Hindu tradition and culture, spirituality is a blessing, and it gives a religious solution for every problem.


Lord Mangal Graha triggers Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosha in a person's kundli's 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th House of Lagna Kundli. Mangal Graha's placement triggers Manglik Dosha from Chandra and Shukra in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th Houses from Chandra and Shukra. The house of marriage, also known as the house of the life partner or the spouse's home, is located in the seventh house. According to Vedic astrology, Mars' influence on the seventh house is bad for marriage and married life. When it comes to a person's marriage, Mangal Graha is considered as the most malefic planet or Papi Graha, and its location in some houses causes Mangalik dosh. When a Manglik boy or Girl marries a Non-Manglik spouse, many couples have experienced death or serious accidents, which results in the Non-Manglik spouse's death or permanent disability. The Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu location in the houses described above also creates partial Manglik Dosh.

Kundli Matching, also known as Kundli Matchmaking, is a method that helps couples better understand each other's personalities and strengthen their compatibility before they marry. Since marriage is an once-in-a-lifetime commitment, the couple's characteristics should complement each other in terms of the stars, whether the brides or grooms are Manglik or Non-Manglik. Following the marriage, the couple's compatibility is assessed using an individual horoscope study of the stars.

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Mantra:

By chanting this religious mantra which is given below, the Kumbh vivah ritual is performed. It is a powerful mantra that eliminates the dosha caused by the Griha mangal in one's horoscope or birth chart.

 “Om kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah

Types Of Manglik Dosha:


There are two types of Manglik dosha, such as "Anshik manglik" and "Maha manglik," described below:

Anshik Manglik:

This kind of dosha is known as little Manglik dosha, which usually comes at the end of eighteen years. The ill-effects of this Anshik Manglik dosha after marriage causes health issues, disputes, delivery problems, and conflict in one's family.

Maha Dosha (Stronger):

This is another type of dosha, this dosha is which one has in her Kundali, and this stronger dosha has higher bad and harmful effects on one's life, such as serious accidents (lists the hazardous effects).

A person does not have to worry as all Manglik dosha can get removed and nullified by performing religious rituals like Kumbh Vivah at the trimbakeshwar temple in the presence and blessings of authenticated guruji. Such sacred ceremony of Kumbh vivah should only be performed at this place, as per our ancient scriptures.

Negative Effects of Mangal Dosha:

  • Since Mars is in the first place; it can trigger marital abuse.
  • When Mars is in the second house, it affects the entirefamily, starting marital strife and professional roadblocks.
  • When Mars is in the fourth house, a person's professional performance is hindered, and they may need to change jobs.
  • The excess energy inside the Manglik makes him or her irritable when it is in the seventh house. Furthermore, when Mars is in the seventh house, the extra energy inside the person causes the person to become irritable. Because of the person's dominant personality, maintaining a cordial relationship with family members is almost impossible.
  • When Mars makes its home in the eighth place, the individual loses paternal property because they are estranged from their elders.
  • When Mars enters the tenth home, the individual experiences mental difficulties and financial losses and makes enemies.

Kumbh Vivah Vidhi:

This is similar to actual marriage, except there is no need to invite someone. The mother, mama, and brother are all available in this undisclosed marriage. For Kumbha Vivah, there is no Muhurat. This is a marriage that is about to come to an end. The Kumbh Vivah is just like every other wedding. If a girl has the Manglik Dosh, she must perform this rite. The Girl is required to wear a wedding gown, jewelry, and a thread. With the Mud Pot, parents perform "Kanya Daan" and "Phere." Pandit recites the Mantras, and the event culminates in a real-life human wedding. After the ceremony, the Girl leaves Manglik Dosh. She is now free to marry the real person and will have no further issues after the wedding. Her Mangal Dosh has now been removed from her husband's life. Pot is a non-living thing because he is the Girl's first husband. According to Indian mythology, this is null and void. The wedding of Human is her first wedding. The Mangal can no longer influence the other individual because Pot has taken all of the Girl's Dosh or problems.

This ceremony is incredible in itself, and many people have benefited from it. When a girl's mangalaya bhavas are in suffering, a lot of pain is occurred. People have been adopting these behaviors for a long time, if not since ancient times, and as a result, many people might have seen findings that demonstrate why. Yes, logical people are opposed to it, but if we look at all of humanity and their activities through the lens of sanity, we should also disregard our cultures, as they believe there is no scientific form to it.

Kumbh Vivah with Vishnu:

Vishnu Vivah is performed for a female with Manglik dosh or second marriage yoga in her horoscope to live a happy life free of the malefic consequences of wrong planet positions in the birth chart. In Trimbakeshwar Temple, Vishnu Vivah is performed by purohits having official Tamra Patra. After this Puja, the whole process is presented as a real marriage, which aids in leading a happy married life.

Advantages of Doing Vishnu Vivah:

  • For a long, healthy, happy, and prosperous married life. 
  • For the elimination of Mangal Dosha in the Kundali.
  • Assists with the resolution of second marriage issues.
  • Removes mangal-related problems from childbirth.

When Can Vishnu Vivah Be Performed?

If the Female/ Girl's horoscope contains Manglik Dosh,she must perform Vishnu Vivah before marriage. Any suitable date can be chosen based on the Female/ Girl's Rashi nakshatra.

Ark Vivah For Male:

For males with Manglik Dosh or Second Marriage Yog in their horoscope, Ark Vivah is performed. This Puja will help them live a peaceful life free of the adverse effects of malefic planetary roles in their horoscope.If a boy's horoscope contains Manglik Dosh, he must perform Ark Vivah before marrying. Saturdays, Sundays, and Hasta nakshatra are the best days. Pandit Ji and Vishnu perform Gauri Ganesh Kalash Navgraha puja, chanting mangal Jaaps and performing havan. Vivah is performed as per shastras with the Ark vine, and Visarjanam is performed.

What are the Advantages of doing Ark Vivah?

  • Aids in the removal of Mangal Dosha from the Kundali.
  • Assists in maintaining a long, healthy, happy, and prosperous marriage.
  • Assists with the resolution of second marriage issues.
  • Prevents all Mangal-related problems with childbirth.

Kumbh Vivah Puja Cost:

The Kumbh Vivah rituals performed at Trimbakeshwar Guruji's Home. Kumbh vivah Pooja is being done by the purohits of Trimbakeshwar temple being authorized to perform in the temple. These purohits hold the Tamraptra given by Peshwa Bajirao as the official Purohit of the Trimbakeshwar temple. 


When a mangal dosh happens in one's Kundali (Horoscope), leading to a delay in an individual's marriage.
In Kumbh Vivah, the rituals as per the actual marriage being performed with the earthen Pot leaving her doshas behind by breaking the Pot.
There are two types of Mangal Dosh in a Persons Horoscope(Kundali): Anshik Mangal and Maha dosha.
Effects of Mangal Dosh are: Delay in Marriage, Issues in marriage Life, Trouble in Professional Life, Losing Paternal Property and facing financial losses.
The mangal dosha remedies are quite possible through astrological solutions and measures, even after any Manglik person's marriage. Any such remedy will make his/her marital relationship and life smoother, more peaceful and harmonious, and long-lasting.
In Kumbh Vivah, the rituals as per the actual marriage being performed with the earthen Pot leaving her doshas behind by breaking the Pot.
Kumbh Vivah with Vishnu vivah Refers to Marriage of Female having Mangal doshas in her Horoscope.
The Purohits of Trimbakeshwar Temple do Kumbh Vivah. The charges depend on the samagri used to perform the puja and Dakshina. They perform Kumbh Vivah according to the Vedic rituals mentioned in ancient scriptures.
Ark Vivah refers to males having Mangal Dosha in their Horoscope. Doing this ritual will help them get rid of all negative energies in their lives.
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