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What is Pitru Dosh


What is Pitru Dosh?

The word Pitru Dosh itself Decode its Meaning that is "Pitru" which means forefather. Hence the word Pitru defines parental ancestry. Pitru Dosh denotes the bad karma created by the ancestors with their wrongdoing while living in the past. Any person whose forefathers have committed any crime, mistakes, or sins, then the person has Pitru Dosh in his horoscope.

In simple words, it is playing the karmic debts of the ancestors. In Hindu Vedic astrology, the Sun is the karaka for the father. Suppose the Sun is placed at 9th or 9th house afflicted by natural malefic or Lagna malefic. Rahu conjunction with or nine the lord will be considered as Pitru Dosh.

What are the Types of Pitru Dosh? 

Pitra Dosh can be attributed to three major causes. 

  1. Effects of the planets.
  2. Deeds of ancestors. 
  3. One's own Karma.

The Pitru Dosh can also occur if the family members fail to adhere to the basic requirements of yearly rituals for their ancestor's failure to look after the aged people and leave them to fend for themselves. 

Myths About Pitru Dosh

Pitra  Dosh is one of the important concepts in Indian astrology. However, it is often mistaken as the curse of ancestors. But,  that is not true. Pitru dosh is not only the curse of ancestors or forefathers, but it is a  debt of the ancestors in his past life and is to be paid by the person having Pitru Dosh in his horoscope. 

It is considered a suspicious and threatening topic in India and its culture if one has Pitru Dosh in his kundali, which indicates that the individual will have uncertain death and failures. Still, it's not true, as It always releases us from all the ancestor's bad karma and sins and makes us free from all the bindings and misconceptions. 

General Traits of Pitru Dosh

  1.  One can have a dream of ancestors Asking for food or clothes to an individual.
  2.  If the person or any family member sees the snakes' dreams, it hints towards a Pitru Dosh. 

Effects of Pitru Dosh

  • The person faces financial and physical problems due to continuous sickness.
  • Fails to achieve success in any work; he starts lacking mental peace and stability.  
  • Unfavourable environment and arguments over small things in personal and social life. 
  • Sometimes, we cannot marry at the correct time that is delayed in marriage if he has Pitru Dosh in his horoscope.
  • Children with Pitru Dosh may face physical or mental disabilities either later or from birth.
  • It could lead to miscarriages During the conceiving. 
  • Pitru dosh food scuttle the successful married life.
  • Unnatural deaths like suicides, murder, accidents within the family.
  • Continuous loss of lives in a mysterious manner in the same family. 
  • There would be hurdles towards conducting any auspicious events in the family for a more extended period. 
  • Never-ending poverty.

Remedies of Pitru Dosh (Nivaran)

  • Complete Tripindi Shradha organized Pooja or mantra Jaap to nullify the effects of past sinful activities done by ancestors. 
  • Give food to brahmins on every Amavasya.
  • Donate food, clothes, Blankets on the day of Ardh - Kumbh - Snan.
  • Offer water to the Banyan tree regularly.
  • Give food and milk to cow's Street dogs and animals.
  • Give help to needy poor and older people as much as possible. 
  • Chant the mantras of Devi Kalika stotram. Especially on Navratri. 
  • Do snan at various religious places like Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik, Gangasagar, etc... 
  • Offer water mixed sesame seeds to the rising Sun regularly and chant Gayatri Mantra.

Duration of Pitru Dosh Pooja

It takes three days to complete the Pooja by worshipping God with the prescribed Samagri and Procedure. 

Procedure For Pitru Dosh Pooja:

  • Do the Pind-Daan.
  • A person has to come one day prior or early in the morning till 6 AM on the date of Muhurta.
  • Once a pooja starts, a person cannot leave the place where the Pooja took place till the pooja vidhi is completed. On the final day, they will be free by noon.
  • take an oath to satisfy all the known and unknown Pitras, with a  lightened lamp with pure ghee.
  • Recite 16 mala of this mantra each day, or you can recite four malas for four days.
  • One can also recite one mala of this mantra for 16 Shraadh.
  • A person has to bring only new clothes like a white dhoti, gamcha, napkin for Male and other than black green & plain white colors saree, blouse, etc.
  • They should eat food without Onion, Garlic food on those pooja days.
  • After finishing, give some food to Brahmins or cows.
  • One can also give food to poor and needy people. 
  • A person cannot have Non-veg & Alcohol for the next 41 days, including Pooja day.

What To do While Performing Pitru Dosh Pooja 

  • One must do the Shraddha to get the blessing from ancestors on the date of their forefather's death.  
  • Offer water to Pitras on the date of the death or the Shradha. 
  • Offer blankets, food, clothes to poor and needy people, especially on Amavasya or Purnima after the Shraddha process.
  • Do  Remember the ancestors by mentioning their names in the Shradha Pooja; get their blessings.

Pitru Dosha Nivarana Mantra

“Om Shreem Sarva Pitra Dosha Nivaranay Klesham Han Han Sukh Shantim Dehi Phat Swaha” is the mantra.

"Om Pitrabhya devatabhya  mahayogibhyech cha , Namah swaha swadhyaya cha Nityamev namah" .

Samagri for Pitru Dosh Pooja

The Samagri used for Pitru Dosh Puja vidhi are listed below. 

Incense, Paan leaves, Areca nuts, Hawan Samagri, Desi ghee, sweets stuff, Gangaajal, Fire pit, Mango leaves, Yellow rice, Roli, Camphor, Honey, Sugar, Turmeric, Pink cloth, Janet.

Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja Cost

The cost of Pitru dosh Pooja depends upon the Samagri contents and number of days. Pitra dosh Pooja is a three-day Pooja that does not cost high expenditure and can be easily paid by every class suggested by Guru Ji and Purohits, who help perform the Pooja. 

The Samagri also decides the cost as many Poojaries assemble and arrange the required Samagri for the clients.

Trimbakeshwar Pitru Dosh Puja

Trimbakeshwar is a destination of three gods, namely Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. Doing Pitru dosh Pooja and getting released from all the ancestors' curses is recommended in this temple as it is one of the live jyotirlingas in India. 

Triambekashwar has authentic Pandits who are trained and experienced in doing this Pooja. This brahmins community is termed as "Purohits. " They are the only brahmins who are allowed to work in the temple premises. They can help people to perform various Pooja at Trimbakeshwar. One can directly contact them after entering the temple.

This ancient temple is of Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve famous "Jyotirlingas in India." It is the best places for Pitra Dosh Nivaran. There are very experienced and skilled Pandits over here to perform Pitru Dosh Pooja.

Pitru Dosh Puja Dates 2021 

According to the ancient Hindu calendar, Pitrupaksha starts immediately after the Ganesh festival, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and ends with the New moon day known as Sarvapitri Amavasya. The Hindus offer homage to their ancestors during Pitru paksha to get their blessings and help their souls attain Heaven's path.

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