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Panditji in Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

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Pandit ji Profile
Id Code : AYY
Name: Surendra Shukla
Age: 56 Years
Experience: 35 Years
  1. Narayanbali Nagbali
  2. Tripindi Shraddha
  3. Kaalsarpa Shanti
  4. Kumbh Vivah
  5. Mahamritunjay Jaap
  6. Rudra Abhisheka
  7. Durga saptashati path
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I am tamrapatradhari panditji. I am the holder of tamparpatra. Tamprapatra is ancient scripture which provides panditji purohit official right to perfome pujas in Trimbakehswar. I am official member of purohit sangh and have birth right as I belong from precious legacy of purohits from ages. Surely, I am authentic source where you can perform your poojas authentically and by proper spiritual tradition. Tamrpatra holds the special position as it provides authencation and certification to purohits of trimbakehswar temple. May lord shiva bless you!

Namaskar, myself Surendra Gangadhar Shukla, rendering the service with all kinds of pooja in Trimbakeshwar. It's our beloved Hereditary profession & since 35 years I'm here offering the same. Proud of myself is I'm the 15th generation working on the track. Anyone interested in the pooja like Rudrabhishek for Lord Trimbakeshwar, Kaalsarpa shanti & other rituals related to horoscope issues , Pitrudosh related issues & the pooja, I assure you to guide & to perform the topic to satisfy your needs. Feel free to contact me as per your convenience, thank you!! 

Balkrishna Shankar Gurav
Date : 25 Oct '21
Kalsarp yog shanti

Purohit Surendra Skukla is very experienced person in this field. Today I performed my shanti puja and I am very much impressed by his way of doing things.

Suresh Choukade
Date : 11 Nov '21
Narayanbali Nagbali

Pandit Surendra Shukla ji explained each and every logic behind Pooja and all Vidhis I have done. One of the knowledgeable and experience person in this field.

Akshay Dalimbkar
Date : 20 Feb '22
Kalsarp & nagbali pojaa

Pandit shukla ji explain each & every point of pooja ..All vidhis done with accurate..

Tushar Dalimbkar
Date : 21 Feb '22
Kalsarpa shanti and Pitrudosh nivaran

Pandit Shuklaji had done all Vidhis and Pooja in a very good manner , He had explained all Steps in each vidhi . Panditaji had cleared all doubts and He is a very genuine person for all kind of people .I will suggest ,If anybody having problems related to life , go with pandit Shukla ji..

Date : 13 Apr '22
Narayan nagabali pooja

Shukla guruji has his own of describing details of pooja. He elaborates everything with day to day examples and in a very easy manner. Room accomodation and food is good.

Date : 16 Apr '22
Narayan Nagabali Pooja

Shukla Guruji is very experienced guruji in this field. He explains all the steps of vidhi very nicely, guruji had cleared all the doubts. Room accomodation and food is very good.

Date : 09 May '22
Sarp Kaal Shanti Pooja


Date : 09 May '22
Kaalsarpa Shanti Puja

Shukla Guruji is very considerate and Experienced. He patiently explained all Steps and logic behind each Vidhi in Pooja. I am grateful to him for the Puja.

Dinesh sharma
Date : 07 Jun '22
Kaal Sarap yog poona

Extremely Satisfied with Guruji Guruji is very polite and Extreme knowledge of Veda and puran Guruji har mantra ko pahle ache se samjhte hai poojan ke liye guruji se sampark kare

Date : 13 Jun '22
ReviewA very good puja done by pandit ji. He explained every thing which we were doing and why we we

Tripindi shraadh Kaal sarpa puja

Date : 13 Jun '22
Tripindi shraddh kaal sarpa puja

A very divine puja was done by pandit ji by explaining each step. We were satisfied by this puja. Such a divine experience in this pooja

Amit sharma
Date : 15 Jun '22
Kal sarp

Very spiritual pooja. Feel good and happiness.

Ajit kumar Lakhmani
Date : 26 Jun '22
Kaalsarpa shanti

It was with full satisfaction. Complete paddhati ke saath

Date : 09 Jul '22
Kaalsarpa Shanti

Extremely satisfied. Guruji explained each step with logic. Very spiritual pooja and feel happiness. best panditji for kaalsarp dosh puja

Aswini sai
Date : 17 Jul '22
Narayana naga bali pooja

Iam very happy this pooja and very good responsing and pandit ji very good careing Thank you so mich

Mansi Satbhai Sonawane
Date : 17 Jul '22
Narayan Nagbali pooja

Vice nice pooja with full detailed information and main purpose of pooja

Kamlesh Gaire
Date : 22 Jul '22
Narayan nagbali pooja at trimbakeshwar.

Hello, I am from Rajsthan and I came to Trimbakeshwar to perform Narayan Nagbali Puja. In Trimbakeshwar, we performed puja under the guidance of Purohitsangh Guruji Shri Surendra Shukla. When I had no idea about Trimbakeshwar, I contacted Guruji through the Trimbakeshwar portal. Where will the puja be held, Guruji told me in the perfect way? How will it be? How long will it take? Everything was explained. He arranged for us to stay and eat well after meeting Guruji. The puja took a full three days and was well concluded. Guruji, thank you very much. You should also perform puja with Surendra Shukla Guruji, I recommend. Various pujas are performed at Trimbakeshwar chanting Kalsarpa Dosh, Tripindi Shradh, and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

Nilesh P. Bhosure
Date : 14 Sep '22
कालसर्प शांती,नारायण नागबळी,पितृदोष निवारण विधी आणि पूजा

कालसर्प शांती,नारायण नागबळी,पितृदोष निवारण पंडित शुक्लाजींनी सर्व विधी आणि पूजा अतिशय चांगल्या पद्धतीने केल्या होत्या, प्रत्येक विधीतील सर्व पायऱ्या त्यांनी स्पष्ट केल्या होत्या. पंडिताजींनी सर्व शंकांचे निरसन केले होते आणि ते सर्व प्रकारच्या लोकांसाठी एक अतिशय प्रामाणिक व्यक्ती आहेत .मी सुचवेन, जर कोणाला जीवनाशी संबंधित समस्या असतील तर पंडित सुरेंद्र शुक्लजींसोबत जा....

Date : 06 Oct '22
Extremely satisfied

Pandit ji is extremely knowledgable and explained the significance of all the steps of the Pooja in minute detail. I am grateful to him for my kalsarp dosh relief.

Mahua Das
Date : 07 Oct '22
Kaal sarp dosh Shanti puja

Thank you Guruji for conducting the puja for my son so nicely.. Extremely satisfied with the puja.. Thank you and your family for taking care of people like us who do not know anything about this puja..Bless us..

Debatri Banerjee
Date : 28 Oct '22
Kaal Sarp Dosh Shanti puja

I have mahapadma kalsarpa dosh on my kundli. And decided to perform Kalsarpa dosh shanti puja. Then I have been contacted to Pandit Ji. After seeing previous reviews. On 24rth Oct'22, I meet Pandit Ji and he explains & shared his wisdom on few important aspects related to my Natal Chart. Next day, I have had my puja and it was performed by Pandit Ji very nicely. He explained every steps starting from bathing at Kushavarta Kund and importance. It was a pleasing experience.

Ankit Shukla
Date : 03 Nov '22
कालसर्प दोष निवारण पूजा

श्री सुरेन्द्र शुक्ला गुरु जी के द्वारा दिनाक ३/११/२०२२ को कालसर्प दोष निवारण पूजा संपूर्ण विधि विधान से संपन्न हुई। हर हर महादेव गुरु जी को चरण वंदना सभी पर अपना आशीर्वाद बनाए रखे ॐ नमः शिवाय

Vansh Bhardwaj
Date : 04 Mar '23
Excellent experience

Pooja was good

Binish V Pai
Date : 18 Mar '23
Tripindi shraddha pooja

The pandit ji explained the whole pooja vidhi and the pooja was done with lot of grace and dedication. very happy and satisfied.

Yeshwanth Reddy
Date : 02 Apr '23
Narayan bali nagbali

We had shukla ji as pandit for Narayan bali and nag bali pooja••pandit ji is very knowledgeful and is very patient•• explains everything in depth and performs pooja without hurry•• satisfied with pooja.. Thank ful to panditji..

Date : 02 Apr '23
Narayan bali Nagbali

Panditji performed pooja very patience and very knowledgeable.. Would recommend him

Sai Akith Reddy
Date : 02 Apr '23
Narayan Bali Nagbali

Spoke with pandithji before coming for pooja and he explained everything nicely.. Then after at pooja he performed pooja very patiently and explained everything.. Happy with pooja..

Avinash Kumar Jha
Date : 21 Apr '23
kaal sarp shanti puja

I visited Trimbakeshwar for kaal sarp shanti puja for my son and my wife. Pt Shukla ji is like a father figure and this is a divine experience. I will visit again Trimbakeshwar to puja with Pandit ji. My special thanks to Amit ji and Akshay ji for their help in ganga pujan and Rudrabhishek puja. Thanks a lot to Pandit ji for guiding us in this puja and helping us on our spiritual journey

Sangeeta sharma
Date : 05 May '23
Kalm Sarp poohan

This wasna wonderful experience to perform pooja with complete knowledge. In my life this is the pooja performed by me as to know the meaning of all the kitta we do during the pooja the meaning was explained for the first time. It is very important for us to understand our religion methodically This was a wonderful experience and it is advisable fir everyone to perform pooja in the best way.

राहुल पाटील
Date : 05 May '23
कालसर्प पुजा

कालसर्प पुजा दिनांक 5 /5/2023 रोजी पार पडली. अतिशय छान पार पडली असुन अर्तििशय छान पूजेचि मांडनि होती धन्यवाद शुक्ल गुरुजी

Date : 05 May '23

नारायण नागबळी,पूजा कालसर्प शांती,नारायण नागबळी,पंडित शुक्लाजींनी सर्व विधी अतिशय चांगल्या पद्धतीने केल्या, विधीतील सर्व त्यांनी स्पष्टिकरन देउन् समजवले.

Rajani bansal
Date : 10 May '23
Kalsarp pooja

I went triyambkeshwar with my husband for kalsarpdos niwarad .imet surendar gurugi . He completed all pooja systematically and with explanation.i felt satisfied .one must go to him for such type of pooja

Kaushal Kishor Chaturvedi
Date : 10 May '23
Kalsarp pooja

I went to Triyambkeshwar for darshan. There we planned for kalsarp pooja and dialled to pandit Surendra Shukla ji. He called us and performed the pooja very well. We were satisfied.thanks pandit ji. Regards

Ajinkya ade
Date : 15 May '23
Tripindi shradhya

This pooja is done too good by surendra shukla guruji. So suportive nature and good guidance

Abhijeet Rane
Date : 20 Jul '23
Tripindi shradh puja

We got the opportunity to perform Tripindi shradha on 17-Jul-2023 through panditji Shri Surendra Shukla. Panditji explained the whole pooja vidhi and the pooja was done with lot of grace and dedication, very happy and satisfied. I highly recommend him as an authentic source where you can perform your poojas authentically and by proper spiritual tradition. Thank you pandit.

Er. Sandeep kumar
Date : 31 Jul '23
काल सर्प दोष पूजा

We visited trayambkeshwar dham for kalsarp dosh pooja for my son. Pandit ji performed pooja very well, He explain very well.

Date : 10 Aug '23
Kal sarp Puja Ane rudraaabhishek

Met a pandit like him after an ages. Very genuine family with vast knowledge. Done all the rituals v

Monik OZA
Date : 28 Sep '23
Kal Sarp

I am no one to evaluate any spiritual performer, it is the destiny that takes you to the place and to the person. I wouldn't regret if it would have taken more time for this ritual though the modern times makes it easy these days but it's the oneness with the divine matters.

Date : 31 Dec '23
Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja

I had come from Delhi to Trimbakeshwar Nashik only to perform Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja. This was my first experience performing this Puja. Pundit ji was very nice and seemed qualified. He contains all पूजा सामग्री along with gold Surp, gold Rahu ketu, silver kuber and नव ग्रह surps in silver. He helped me very well in performing the puja. While performing the puja, the pronunciation and explanation of each mantra were explained properly so that we could understand how would this effect on us. He did ask for money in between puja and only took dakshana what was discussed earlier. I would also sincerely recommend to all that you should consult with him for this worship.

Priyanka Padhi
Date : 31 Dec '23
Pitru dosh and kaal sarp dosh puja

Pandit ji Suderndra Shukla ji is very knowledgeable and did all puja so properly well and also explained each and every process of puja . He is the right person everyone should reach out to him for all pujas . Thank you so much Pandit ji ????

Viresh Devgan
Date : 01 Jan '24
Kal Sarp Shanti Puja

I had come from Delhi to Trimbakeshwar Nashik only to perform Kal Sarp Shanti Puja. It was 2.5 hrs puja and all items were provided by the panditji Shri Surendra Shukla ji. He helped us very well in performing the puja. While performing the puja, the pronunciation and explanation of each mantra were explained properly. I would also sincerely recommend to you that you too should worship Kal Sarp Shanti Puja.

Nitesh Kaushik
Date : 01 Jan '24
Kal sarp shanti puja

Pandit ji is having good knowledge and exp. related to this puja. Thanks a lot pandit ji.

Nitesh Kaushik
Date : 02 Jan '24
Kaal sarp shanti puja

Excellent with full dedication. Thanks

Jayaditya Shrivastava
Date : 15 Jan '24
Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja

Performed Kal Sarpa Shanti Puja with Pandit Shri Surendra Shukla Guru ji, I reached Trimbakeshwar a day before and met Guru Ji's son, who informed us about the schedule of Puja day and do's and Don'ts of Pooja, and next day i.e. on Pooja day we reached Guru Ji's house, which is walking distance from Kushavarta Kund at 7:30AM and thereafter Guru Ji's son took us to Kushavarta Teerth for Sankalp and a dubki there, and after that we came back to his house and performed Puja, which took 2.5 to 3 hours approx, and during vacation each and every step Pandit Ji was kind enough to explain everything about the Puja in detail at each and every step. All the samugri was arranged by Pandit Ji in advance and placed at Puja Sthal. Would highly recommend Guru ji to anyone looking for performing Kal Sarpa Shanti Puja.

Arvind Sharma
Date : 05 Feb '24
Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja

We were looking to perform Kal Sarpa Shanti Puja and got to know from some friend about Pandit Shri Surendra Shukla Ji. We heard lot of good feedback about him and after having the pooja we experienced the same. Very well walk through and conduct of whole schedule. His presence has lot of positivity and the way pooja was conducted, we did not feel like no hurry from their side. Every small ritual has its own meaning which has very well explained to us. All the samugri was arranged by Pandit Ji in advance and placed well at Puja Sthal. We would highly recommend Guru ji for performing Kal Sarpa Shanti Puja.

Ipsita Padhy
Date : 17 Feb '24
Kaal Sarp Puja and Tripindashradha

Today Panditji performed kaal sarp Puja for my sister and tripindashradha for my parents respectively.We were very satisfied with both the rituals.He very patiently made us understand rituals.Without any hesitation we can ask him any doubts and he always understands our worries and answers them.Very professional and knowledgeable.

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