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Panditji in Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

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Pandit ji Profile
Id Code : EQM
Name: Saurabh Dixit
Age: 28 Years
Experience: 18 Years
  1. Narayan Nagbali
  2. Tripindi Shradh
  3. Kaal Sarp Yog
  4. Kumbh Vivah
  5. Mahamritunjay Jaap
  6. Rudra Abhisheka
  7. Navchandi yag
  8. Vaastu Shanti Puja
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I am tamrapatradhari panditji. I am the holder of tamparpatra. Tamprapatra is ancient scripture which provides panditji purohit official right to perfome pujas in Trimbakehswar. I am official member of purohit sangh and have birth right as I belong from precious legacy of purohits from ages. Surely, I am authentic source where you can perform your poojas authentically and by proper spiritual tradition. Tamrpatra holds the special position as it provides authencation and certification to purohits of trimbakehswar temple. May lord shiva bless you!

नमस्ते जय त्र्यंबकराज 


हम त्र्यंबकेश्वर क्षेत्र के वेद उपासना वेद अध्ययन वेद के रखवाले दीक्षित है. हमारे पूर्वजोसे वेद अध्ययन की परंपरा रही है. आज तक यह परंपरा हम ने खंडित नहीं की. हमारे यहा उपलब्धी के अनुसार 200 से 250 साल का दीक्षित पंडीतो की जाणकारी आज भी उपलब्ध है.


हमारे यहा पूर्वजो की विद्वत्ता की जानकारी देने वाले सबुत 2000 से 2500 पोथी के माध्यम से दिखाई देती हैं. उसी को देखने के लिए कई मान्यवरोने भेट दी है. हमारे यहा नारायण नागबली, त्रिपिंडी श्राध्द, कालसर्प शांती जैसे धार्मिक कार्य कई सालों से करते आ रहे हैं|

Vipul M Shenvi Kunkoliekar
Date : 27 Dec '21
Narayan Nagbali Pujan

Extremely well organized by Dixit Guruji. From the time of landing to leaving Trimbakeshwar, the rituals and stay was very satisfying.

Swapnil Choudhary
Date : 06 Jan '22
Well organized and well explanation of puja

Feel cool and satisfying on well organization and well explanation of puja. Accommodation facilities also very good.

Shrikant Karle
Date : 17 Feb '22
Narayan Nagbali

Good... Puja

सचिन ढोले
Date : 16 Jul '22
नारायण नागबली पूजा त्र्यंबकेश्वर

हमनें श्री सौरभ दीक्षित जी से त्र्यंबकेश्वर, नासिक में संपर्क किया। हम पुणे से आए थे और उन्होने नारायण नागबली पूजा की पूरी योजना बनाई थी और मैंने उनके मार्गदर्शन में पूजा की। त्र्यंबकेश्वर मे रहने के लिये सब कुछ बहुत अच्छे से व्यवस्थित किया गया था। मेरा सुझाव है कि आप भी उन्हीसे पूजा करें।

Nitesh Adwani
Date : 07 Aug '22
Narayan Nagabali Pooja

Saurabh Dixit Ji one of best Person to Complete Your Poojan. Because with his humble and kind nature and proper information about this poojan we cleared all our doubts.

Prashant Shukla
Date : 09 Aug '22
All Puja

Finally great way to complete RUDRAABHISHEK PUJA with Pandit Ji....Thanks to him for proper guidance, Great Human Being with Great character...Always learn something new.....This will continue....

Bhavesh birari, ujjain, madhya pradesh.
Date : 10 Aug '22
Narayan nagbali and Rudrabhishek puja at trimbakeshwar.

At Trimbakeshwar, we performed Narayan Nagbali and Rudraabhishek puja from Shri Saurabh Dixit. The experience of worshipping with him was very good. It took us a full 3 days to do Narayana Nagabali Puja. It is of great importance to perform Narayan Nagabali and Rudrabhishek puja here. For this, Guruji had told us the best muhurat. Panditji has a very good experience of worshipping here. He explained the puja very well, what is Narayan Nagbali Puja? Why should Narayana nagabali puja be performed? When do you perform Rudrabhishek Puja? Guruji solved all the doubts about the puja well. Guruji has an excellent experience of worshipping at Trayambakeshwar. They helped us fully for the puja. We were very satisfied with the puja. Thank you Panditji.

Ashish Ubharani
Date : 09 Oct '22
Pooja Experience

I performed pitrudosh pooja on March 30 with the help of guru ji Saurabh Dixit I got the positive result by grace of Shivji we blessed with baby boy thanks for great support and explanation we are happy

Date : 15 Oct '22
Panditji's Kripa

They say, Panditji is god's messanger. We were fortunate to visit Trimbakeshwar last week. Saurabhji's Puja in front of lord Shiva made it life time memorable. You can feel the depth during his mantroucharan. Very lucky to found his reference online. Don't give a second thought if you planning to visit Trimbakeshwar and looking for a Panditji ( and little bit of guide as well).

Shreeyash Sunil Salunkhe
Date : 12 Mar '23

Narayan Bali and naag Bali Pooja and thripendi shradhaa was conducted here by guruji saurabh Dixit and Sanjay Dixit

Ankit Kumar
Date : 19 Apr '23
Kaal Sarp Puja

Proper puja with each step detailed and all mantras made clear.Perfect puja for all religious persons.

Shankar Ravi
Date : 28 Jun '23
Narayan Nagbali

I'm Shankar Ravi from Vijaywada Andhrapradesh, I have done Narayan nagbali Puja from Shri saurabh Sanjay Dixit guruji, guruji is very well personality, he explains all the puja explanation in our simple language, guruji has all the arrangements like Puja samagri, living facility, food facility, and give one on one interaction to every people. I will recommend all devoties to perform the narayana nagbali Puja from Shri. Saurabh Dixit guruji thank you.

Dhiraj sinha
Date : 30 Jun '23
Kaal sarp shanti

Main dhiraj sinha bhagalpur bihar se hun ,maine trimbakeshwar mein pandit saurabh Dixit ji se kalsarp Puja karwaya , unka Puja karne ka padhatti mujhe badhiya laga , sabhi bhakt ko anurodh karta hun ki pandit saurabh ji se kalsarp Puja karwaiye

Mannepalli srihari
Date : 15 Jul '23
Narayan Bali nag Bali

Good culture with trusted... very friend....we can trust ....we can understand very easy about pooja...good ambiance... peacefully place.... traditional food was nice.... very neatness maintaing.....deatle explanation about pooja in our language...... finally it was very good and blessed to have a great time with sanjai pandith ji

Santosh Bhor
Date : 24 Jul '23

Well organized & proper pooja with close interactions......this is life time memories... Thank you Guruji !!!

Yatindra Nath
Date : 07 Oct '23
Narayan Bali,Nag bali puja

Guru ji has completed our puja as per complete Vedic rituals. We are completely satisfied & happy with the puja conducted by Guru ji. Thank you so much Guru ji

Deepak Gupta
Date : 07 Oct '23
Narayan Bali Nag bali puja

Guru ji has completed our puja as per complete Vedic rituals. We are completely satisfied & happy with the puja conducted by Guru ji. Thank you so much Guru ji????

Date : 06 Feb '24

Guru ji has completed our puja very patiently... Thank you Guru Ji...

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