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Panditji in Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

"Thanks for having our services. we help you to fullfill spritual need "
trimbak Mukut
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Pandit ji Profile
Id Code : NKC
Name: Udaykumar Thete
Age: 51 Years
Experience: 36 Years
  1. Narayan Nagbali
  2. Tripindi Shradh
  3. Kaal Sarp Yog
  4. Kumbh Vivah
  5. Mahamritunjay Jaap
  6. Rudra Abhisheka
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I am tamrapatradhari panditji. I am the holder of tamparpatra. Tamprapatra is ancient scripture which provides panditji purohit official right to perfome pujas in Trimbakehswar. I am official member of purohit sangh and have birth right as I belong from precious legacy of purohits from ages. Surely, I am authentic source where you can perform your poojas authentically and by proper spiritual tradition. Tamrpatra holds the special position as it provides authencation and certification to purohits of trimbakehswar temple. May lord shiva bless you!

Gaurav Gupta
Date : 18 Nov '21

My kal sarp pooja done by pandit sh Uday Kumar thetey ji on 14 Nov 2021. Puja was done in a professional manner and I am fully satisfied.

Date : 23 Mar '22

23rd March'22 Pandit Udaykumar Thete ji did the Narayan Nag bali and Tripandi Shradh Pujas for us between 20th to 22nd March'22 ( 3 days) , We are very satisfied with his professional services in carrying out all the pujas as required . It was a very satisfying experience and appreciate his explaining to us in detail all the puja ( mantra) rituals for us to easily understand. Thank You

Pawan Jindal
Date : 01 Jun '22
Kalsarp pooja

31st may 2022, Pandit Uday Kumar Thete ji did the kalsarp pooja for us. We are satisfied with their professional services . Shri uday thete ji Pande of Jindal gotra from hansi hisar .Thank you

Sarit Sinha
Date : 13 Jun '22
Kal Sarp Pooja

24th December 2021 Panditji did pooja for us, it was very professional handled & we liked the service & would recommend those who visits & want to do any of the poojas...

Uday pathak
Date : 16 Jul '22
narayan nagbali puja in trambakeshwar

we had come from Uttar Pradesh to the trimbakeshwar to perform the Narayan Nagbali puja. we had done our puja under the guidance of Shree Uday Kumar Thete. He performed this ritual in a very scientific manner. Without any haste, while performing the ritual, he explained everything properly and explained in detail the reasons for performing the ritual, and the changes that occur due to the ritual.

Vivek singh
Date : 19 Jul '22
Pandit uday Narayan thete ji

My kaal sarp Puja done by pandit ji Uday Narayan thete ji Iam fully satisfied with Puja good pandit ji

suresh sukla,nagpur
Date : 10 Aug '22
Tripindi shradh vidhi at Tryambakeshwar.

Tripindi Shradh puja was performed at Trimbakeshwar. The puja was performed well by purohitsangh Panditji Shri Udaykumar Thete. Guruji gave proper guidance for the puja and gave full information about the puja, panditji had prepared well for the puja. He explained the meaning of each mantra and the importance of the shlokas while the puja was going on. Why does Tripindi perform shradh rituals? Why is tripindi shradh ritual performed? What is the significance of performing this puja at Trimbakeshwar? All these things were completely resolved. They have a very good experience of worshipping at Trimbakeshwar. We came to know here that Guruji is very conscious of the cost of the puja. The Tripindi Shradh ritual we performed was done for our ancestors. The puja was well concluded. Thank you, Guruji.

Ramesh Soni
Date : 07 Nov '22
Maha mrityunjaya jaap for mother

We performed puja at trimbakeshwar For recovery of my mother from surgery

Santush Chandra Saha
Date : 02 Oct '23
Kal Sarp Pooja

My kaal sarp Puja done by pandit ji Uday Kumar thete ji I am fully satisfied with Puja good pandit ji.

Date : 04 Oct '23
Good Pandit Ji

My kaal sarp Puja done by pandit ji Uday Kumar thete ji I am fully satisfied with Puja good pandit ji.

Purvi m
Date : 03 Jan '24
Kaalsarp pooja

I contacted panditji few days ago and he helped arrange the pooja. He sent me all necessary information needed. The pooja was very well performed. Very satisfied

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