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Saint Nivruttinath Maharaj Samadhi Temple, Trimbakeshwar

Nivruttinath Maharaj Samadhi Mandir


Samadhi of Sreesanth Nivruttinath Maharaj is from the year 1219. The disciples and followers of Shri Changdev Maharaj used to stay at Trimbakeshwar to worship that Samadhi. This tradition has been going on ever since.

Initially, this tradition followed the Guru-Shishya tradition.
Later, this tradition is still practiced in the Gosavi family as a priest.

To date, there have been several devotees visiting the temple as a pilgrimage site.
The place has great value for the people who believe in the sacrifice of the Saint Nivruttinath Maharaj.

The temple welcomes people around the nation during the yearly celebration at the temple.

Nivruttinath Maharaj Temple is a samadhi temple of Saint Nivruttinath Maharaj located in Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, which holds utmost religious value for natives and the Warkari community. The specialty of this temple is the live Samadhi taken by the saint. It was not an uncommon ritual but was considered very spiritual back then. The saints from all over the country offer their prayers to their idols, worshiped with offerings and rites.   


Nivruttinath Maharaj Samadhi Mandir Trust, Trimbakeshwar.

In the past, the entire temple management was run by the concerned families. But after the enactment of the Charity Trust Act in 1950, it was transformed into a trust.
And in this too, he was the trustee of this family.

But after this, as per the demand of Warkari devotees, the devotees were also given representation in it. In the legal suit for this, 25 years have passed.
Finally, in 2015, a new Board of Trustees of thirteen members was formed for five years, consisting of nine devotees, three members of the Gosavi family, and one head of Trimbakeshwar Municipal Council.  



The mesmerizing temple has admirable surroundings and architecture.
The idol of Nivruttinath Maharaj is made up of 230 kg of silver and is crafted with the help of a local jeweler.
Recently, a chariot was developed for the idol and was created by expert craftsmen. The trustee proposed making the chariot, and the experts gave their vision the right shape. It is 13×12 ft and has three domes.
It has many special features like an LED light display and a charity box. The same was created in 2016 and was a big move by the trust. 


Saint Shri Nivruttinath Maharaj is the first promoter of the Warkari sect.
Therefore, Shrikshetra Trimbakeshwar is considered the first seat of the Warkari sect.

On Monday, Shri Nivruttinath Maharaj was born in the year 1195 at Shrimukhnam Sanvatsar, Madya Vadya Pratipada, on Shrikshetra Alandi.
Saint Nivruttinath Maharaj was born in a small village named Apegaon in Maharashtra, and later, he grew up in Nashik.

He belongs to the Kulkarni family and has three more siblings. He was the first child to his parents, two more sons, and a daughter. He was a very responsible brother and took care of his family after his parents jumped in the river and lost their lives.

His father, Shri Vitthalpant, was a native of Shrikshetra, Apegaon. When he came to Shrikshetra Alandi from Shrikshetra Trimbakeshwar on the occasion of pilgrimage, there Shri Met Siddhopant, and he asked Shri to stay at their place.
He met Vitthalpant and requested him to stay at his house. On the same night, he married his daughter Rukmini to Shri.  

The early life of Nivruttinath is now discussed as philosophical tales. One such incident happened when he was a ten-year-old boy.
While going to a Pilgrimage site, he and his family encountered a tiger, and he hid in a cave.
That was a turning point in his life, and he was separated from his family as a result. He met a person who laid down the foundation and awareness about Nath tradition.

The beginning of awareness about wisdom and peace arose since then, and there was no looking back. The values of the saint are followed by the people, who admire and worship him as their divine power.
The devotees have a strong sense of feeling for him and his sacrifices. While looking back at his life, people can learn from his experiences and his peaceful preaching.  


Samadhi ceremony of Shri Nivruttinath Maharaj is on the 12th day of Jyeshtha Vadya.
Since it was a palanquin ceremony, not all Warakaris could attend this ceremony. This ceremony is celebrated in the Palkhi ceremony by the Sansthan.

At this time, the Samadhi ceremony is performed by the priest's family in the town.
Also, Dnyaneshwari Parayana is organized at Trimbakeshwar from Jyestha Vadya 5 to Jyestha Vadya 12. And Samadhi ceremony is celebrated on the 12th day of Jyeshtha Vadya.

It is attracting devotees to witness the yearly celebration and become a strong part of the overall ceremony. The celebration is one of the most celebrated times in Nashik, and people adore the positive vibe and enthusiasm amongst the people who visit this place for this week-long happiness.  

Shri Nivruttinath Maharaj's Palkhi ceremony is held every year from Trimbakeshwar to Pandharpur and back to Pandharpur to Trimbakeshwar.
In this ceremony, about 50 to 60 thousand Warakaris are traveling with Maharaj's palanquin. This Palkhi ceremony departs from Trimbakeshwar on the day of Jyeshtha Shuddha 14/15 and reaches Pandharpur on the day of Ashadh Shuddha.

After that, from Dashmi to Ashadh Shuddha 15, the palanquin stops at Pandharpur at Shri Nivruttinath Maharaj Math (Belapur - Amalnerkar Math) at Pradakshina Road.

The return journey starts on the full moon day and reaches Trimbakeshwar on the 3rd day of Shravan.
The entire ceremony consists of a total of 50 dindi’s at the back and front of the chariot.
Dindi's chief arranges their accommodation and meals. Each villager also organizes Meals.

Now Shri Nivruttinath Maharaj Warkari Bhajani Mandal is planning the next number one line of the chariot. Meals, water tankers, luggage trucks are arranged. Apart from this, water tankers and luggage trucks are also put through the institute.

Nivruttinath Maharaj Samadhi Temple is placed in the middle of nature’s beauty. It is a place that has all the reasons is enjoying your visit with the family during a holiday.
The ideal time to visit the place that is 30 km away from the city of Nashik is during the celebration of the day of Samadhi. The celebration is covered by local news channels and portals that provide footage to devotees to have the precious darshan of the idol on the auspicious occasion.  


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