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Som Pradosh Vrat Katha, Vidhi, Significance and Fasting Rules

Som Pradosh


In Hindiusm, Pradosh has special siginificance. According to Panchang, Pradosh fast occurs on the Trayodashi date of every month. Suppose the Trayoshadi is falling on Monday, i.e., Som Pradosh. Som Pradosh Vrat is termed the most important fast among all the Pradosh Vrat as it takes place on Monday. This is not because Monday is an auspicious day to Lord Shiva but also because the position of Stars and planets (Grahas position) has special significance on Monday. As Trayodashi falling on Monday, which increases the importance of the fast even more. We worshipped Lord shiva on Som Pradosh

Types of Pradosh Vrats:

  • Ravi Pradosh (Falls on Sunday)
  • Som Pradosh (Falls on Monday)
  • Bhaum Pradosh (Falls on Tuesday)
  • Saumyavara Pradosh (Falls on Wednesday)
  • Guruvara Pradosh (Falls on Thursday)
  • Bhruguvara Pradosh (Falls on Friday)
  • Shani Pradosh (Falls on Saturday)

Significance of Som Pradosh Vrat:

Pradosh is an auspicious day of Lord Shiva, and it is related to Sunset. Pradosh tithi falls 72 minutes before the Sunset. Pradosh is associated not only with Lord Shiv as well as Shiv Parivar. Lord Shiva, Goddess Paravati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, and Nandi are worshipped on Som Pradosh. 

According to Hindu belief, those who worship Lord Shiva on this day and observe day-long fast are blessed with health, wealth, prosperous and peaceful life. Also, those who are suffering from different diseases will get relief because of Som Pradosh. Along with Lord Shiva's blessings, they also get benefits from the related planet of the day. Some female devotees keep Som Pradosh fast to get a suitable groom or child. 

Som Pradosh Vrat Vidhi:

  • As the Pradosh Vrat Tithi falls after Sunset, so devotees should perform Puja after Sunset Only.
  • The natives of Pradosh fast should leave the bed before Sunrise.
  • Before Puja, take a bath and wear new clothes.
  • Collect all Puja Samgri before you start the Puja.
  • Place a Kalash fill it with Gangajal and flower. 
  • On this auspicious day, Do the Abhishek to Lord Shiva with Gangajal, Ghee, Milk, Curd, and Honey.
  • Offer incense sticks, Belpatra, and Dhatura (Lord Shiva's Favourite flower) to Sivalinga. 
  • Recite Pradosh Vrat Katha, Chant Mahamrityunjay Mantra 108 times, Shiv Chalisa. Conclude the Puja by performing aarti. 


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Som Pradosh Vrat Katha:

A windowed Brahmini lived in a city with her Son. She no longer had support. In the morning, she used to go out begging her Son. One day she returns home, he found a boy in an injured state. Brahmini mercifully brought him to her home. The boy was the Prince of Vidharbha. Enemy soldiers injured the Father of that Prince, were taken captive, and had captured his kingdom. 

One day Gandharva girl named Ashumati saw the Prince. Ashumati was fascinated by him. After few days, Lord Shivas ordered Ashumati's parents in a dream to "Marry Ashumati to Prince who lived at Poor Brahmini house."

The Brahmini used to worship Lord Shiva with Som Pradosh. Because of Som Pradosh and with the help of Gandharvaraj's army, The Price drove out all the enemies and won the Vidarbha. He lived here with his Father again. The Prince made Brahmin Son's Prime Minister of Vidarbha. The Prince, Brahmini, and her Son started living happily here. It is said that Lord Shiva changes the days of devotees as the day of Brahmin changed with the effect of Som Pradosh Vrat. 

Fasting Rules of Som Pradosh:

  • Fasting Start with offering Arghya to Lord Sun.
  • Do meditation. 
  • Keep Chanting Om Namah Shivaya or Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap.
  • You can have fruits, milk, Sabudana, Singhara, etc. while observing fast.
  • Avoid consumption of Onion, Garlic, Rice, Wheat, and Non-vegetarian food. 
  • Avoid the use of wrong words.

What To Do On Som Pradosh:

As Som Pradosh is dedicated to Lord Shiva; Visiting Shivas temple in the evening and performing Rudra Abhishek is a part of Pradosh tradition. In some temples, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are seated on Nandi are carried out in the temple complex. 

Trimbakeshwar Temple also has special significance in the Som Pradosh as the Trimbakeshwar Temple is dedicated to lord shiva and is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. It is unique jyotirlinga because Shivlinga has three faces that symbolize Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh. Most devotees plan to visit Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga on Som Pradosh and perform Rudra Abhishek to Lord Shiva. As we all know, Trimbakeshwar Temple is famous for performing all Puja such as Narayan Nagbali, Kaal Sarp Yog shanti, Tripindi Shradha, Rudra Abhishek, Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap, and Kumbh Vivah. All these rituals are performed by the local Guruji of Purohit Sangh, called TamrapatrdhariPandit. "Tamrapatradhari "means they are having legal rights to performed Puja in the Trimbakeshwar Temple. Trimbakeshwar Guruji also provides pooja Samgri. If you want to visit Trimbakeshwar Temple to complete Puja, our Online Puja Booking Portal will guide you to Book Puja / Guruji Online.

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