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Panditji in Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

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trimbak Mukut
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Pandit ji Profile
Id Code : RZN
Name: Bhavesh Shikhare
Age: 36 Years
Experience: 25 Years
  1. Narayan Nagbali
  2. Tripindi Shradh
  3. Kaal Sarp Yog
  4. Kumbh Vivah
  5. Mahamritunjay Jaap
  6. Rudra Abhisheka
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I am tamrapatradhari panditji. I am the holder of tamparpatra. Tamprapatra is ancient scripture which provides panditji purohit official right to perfome pujas in Trimbakehswar. I am official member of purohit sangh and have birth right as I belong from precious legacy of purohits from ages. Surely, I am authentic source where you can perform your poojas authentically and by proper spiritual tradition. Tamrpatra holds the special position as it provides authencation and certification to purohits of trimbakehswar temple. May lord shiva bless you!

Anand Kumar
Date : 08 Feb '22
pitru dosha pooja

Hi, I am looking to perform pitru dosha pooja in this month. I would like to know the cost of performing the pooja and stay. and also the duration/

Nilam Nighut
Date : 24 May '22
Pitru Dosh Poojan / Kalsarpa Yog Shanti

We performed Narayan Nagbali Pitrudosh Pooja & Kalsarpa Yog Shanti at Trimbakeshwar .Excellent administration and planning of Pooja by Bhavesh Guruji. Before starting the pooja importance of the day’s rituals and place where they were being performed was explained in detail by Guruji. We personally liked his detailed approach and explanation of all rituals which makes us aware of our deeds. Very Good arrangements of Stay and Food at his place. Overall a sense of satisfaction and contentment achieved .

Punit Chadha
Date : 02 Jul '22
Pitra dosh

I have been coming to this poise place since 17 years and have been associated with him and his family since. He has been performing various pujas like kalsarpa , naagbali , pitra dosh, Abhishek for me and my family. I think the clarity, humility and perfection of doing Puja with such ease and making the devotee understand the significance of what is he doing and how will it benefit him runs in the family from generations. Moreover the family is extremely gracious and helps in whatever way they can to relieve the devotee. The satisfaction of the devotee is automatically increased by the blessings of God Trimbakeshwar blessing with such a Guru to take you through this journey.

मयूर लोहार
Date : 13 Jul '22
नारायण नागबली पूजा

मी त्र्यंबकेश्वर येथे नारायण नागबली पितृदोष पूजा आणि कालसर्प योग शांती केली. भावेश गुरूजींनी पूजाचे उत्तम नियोजन केले. पूजा सुरू करण्यापूर्वी त्या दिवशीच्या विधींचे महत्त्व आणि ते जेथे केले जात होते त्या ठिकाणाचे महत्त्व गुरुजींनी सविस्तरपणे सांगितले. गुरुजींनी घरी राहण्याची आणि जेवणाची खूप चांगली व्यवस्था केली.

Prasaana singh Rao.
Date : 05 Aug '22
Narayan nagbali and kalasarp dosh pooja at Trimbakeshwar.

Narayan Nagbali and Kalasarpa Dosh Puja were performed at Trimbakeshwar by the Tamrapatradhari Shri Bhavesh Shikhare Guruji. To perform the puja, we travelled from Andhra Pradesh. Guruji has a very pleasant nature. They have performed all the various pujas so far. There are many such rituals as Rudraabhishek, Kumbha Vivah, Tripindi Shradh, and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. We booked the puja online. Guruji accordingly invited us to Trayambakeshwar. Accordingly, we had made full preparations along the way in order to do Narayana Nagbali Puja over a period of three days. Guruji provided the materials for the puja. Under his guidance, they assisted us in performing the puja. The puja begins by following some rules, which are followed before it can begin. The mantras were pronounced clearly and their meanings were explained during the puja. He provided the best information about puja. What are the benefits of performing Narayana Nagbali puja? What are the benefits of Narayan Nagbali Puja? How many types of Kaal Sarp dosh are there? What is kalsarpa dosh? It was explained in detail to answer each question. It was a pleasure to meet Panditji and perform puja with him.

Sunil rawat
Date : 11 Aug '22
Kalsarp dosh pooja

I did Kal sarp dosh pooja on naag panchmi under guidance of guruji bhavesh ji shikhre they perform puja very well and describe process to us so nicely i am very glad that we performed this pooja under him before i selected him to do puja i talked to other pandit ji also in trimbakeshwar but his humble nature and the way he describe everything related to puja attracted me to do puja under his guidance and when i perform it under him I'm truly satisfied with his efforts when I'm coming back to home meet a person who did same puja by other panditji and the process he told to me and time taken to do puja then again I felt that my decision of doing puja under bhavesh ji sikhre was absolutely correct

Date : 03 Nov '22

Pooja was performed very nicely I am very happy and satisfied I will come again Thank you guruji

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