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Sarpa Samskara Puja And Ashlesha Bali Puja at Kukke Subramanya Temple

Sarpa Samskara Puja And Ashlesha Bali Puja in kukke subramanya temple


Ashlesha bali Puja and Sarpa Samskara Puja are the two important Sarp dosha Pooja Perform in Kukke Subramanya temple.

Sarpa samskara Pooja

From the name SARPA SAMSKARA we have already known that it is a pooja related to SARP DOSH.

Sarpa Samskara Dosha is one of those poojas organized at Kukke Subramanya Temple to do away with Sarpa Dosha. 

In our Indian mythology, every puja had some relevance with science and facts. 

Yes, this is it. Many of us think that mythology and science are related? But let me tell you a few facts that yes it is.

Worship for people affected by Sarpa (Serpent) Dosha (curse) is done either knowingly or unknowingly in many different ways.


Kukke Subramanya is situated in the Subramanya hills in the Western Ghats. Lord Subramanya is the divinity idolized in the form of a serpent in that temple.

Procedure for Sarpa Samskara Puja

We know in Hindu mythology to perform any puja, we have some peculiar timings, and the same here it goes.

The Sarpa Samskara puja is a two-day ritual, or we can say the program. On the first day, it starts in the early morning, that is 7:00 AM, and ends at 12:30 in the afternoon. 

The Second half of the puja is also done in the same way 

Here are dos and don'ts when we attend this puja. 

They are not allowed to drink alcohol or eat non-veg at a hotel or anywhere else during these two days. 

The most significant number of individuals who can attend this puja at a time is four people. 

We suggest bringing some washed cotton clothes to wear in the pooja

The fact to be noted:

The Brahmin community people are there to do puja themselves. And if you are a Non-Brahmin, then pujaris are appointed for the puja. 

The couple who are facing problems for conceiving is advised by the astrologer to have this particular puja. 

Sarpa samskara pooja benefits

This is generally for unmarried people.

It is believed that if your soul may have caused any harm to snakes in the past life, then it may create problems for you in this life.

So this puja is done to direct fulfillment, directed in fulfillment to obtain relief from “sarpa dosha."

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Timings

Somewhere in this temple, worship is done according to the 'Vikasan Agam' system, which is rarely seen.

When the festival is taking place at that place at night, the night-puja is first performed with some sprinkling of Shankhtirtha, after which the idol of the festival is discovered. 

The traditional festivals of Pooja, Mangalarathi, and Ashtavadhan are done either before Sannidhi or at the proposed spot.

When both Tantra and Archak are present, Gopuja of Purvashram is performed in the morning, Mahapuja and Akshaypatra Puja in the afternoon, and Devati Seva in the evening. Archaka conducts the rest of the puja, which is missed.

Ashlesha bali pooja 

Ashlesha bali puja ends for a few hours and is performed on Ashlesha Nakshatra.

 If performed on some other days, it has no power, which means that if the pooja is not conducted at some given time, then the impact will not be that good as it is expected. 

How To Perform Ashlesha Bali Pooja

Basically, lord Subramnayam is also kown as the protector from Kaalasarp Dosh and Kuja dosh. And here, Ashlesha Bali pooja is performed on importantly Ashlesha Nakshatra every month.

This pooja is also directed in two phases, first at 7:00 AM and the second at 9:15 AM.

Ashlesha Bali Pooja Prasada will be distributed in the inner quarter only after the completion of Homam Purnahuti Pooja.

When was the best time to worship Ashlesha Bali?

People mostly ask, “What is the right time to perform this puja?” 

So here is the answer that Ashlesha Bali Puja can be performed in 

Shravan Masa: Beginning of July and ending the Third week of August.

Kartik Masa: Starting with Amavasya in November.

Megashira Masa: It lasts from November to December

Benefits of performing Ashlesha Bali Puja

In order to get rid of, or we can say that the doshas like Nagdosha, Putradosha, and Putradosha, Ashlesha Bali Puja is performed. 

The pooja can also be conducted to get a good job and relief from the disease, which is not curable by various treatments.

This puja action rectifies the bad position of the planets, Rahu, Ketu, and Shani.

What Are Ashlesha Nakshatra Characteristics?

The person born in this Nakshatra is sagacious. 

They are bred to explore and conquer, as they are equipped with different personalities and can be very rude to anyone around them.

Mostly it is seen that these people are childish, and in actuality, they are unaware of what they are pursuing and what they are doing.

They are most compatible with Punarvasu Nakshatra, with the former being symbolic of the male cat and the latter being that of the male cat

What Is the Difference between Sarpa Dosh And Kalsarp Dosh?

Kaal Sarp Dosh And Sarp Dosh are completely different.

Sarpa Dosh affects a person even after his death. There is no specific time limit for Sarp Dosh.
Improper or not cremation (ant Vidhi), Accidental death, Murder, Suicide, Poisoning,
Cremation without complete body parts (main parts not found).
Too late cremation by strangers but not by blood relatives etc.( Due to Covid-19 Many Peoples Died Without Having Proper Cremation by Blood Relatives)

Kal Sarp Dosh

While Kalsarp Dosh Puja is hereditary and its effect is seen only during the changes that occur in grah (planets)
dashas of Rahu, Ketu, and other planets associated with them,

Kalsarp Dosha's remedies are easy and Simple as compared to Sarp dosha. Sarpa Dosha cures need very careful examination and decision-making in the horoscope.

Some temples in India like Kukke Subrahmanya in Karnataka where Sarpa Dosha Puja performed

Kalsarp Dosh Puja Performed In Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple , Nashik, Maharashtra

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