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"One of the divine Jyotirlinga among Twelve Jyotirlingas in India"
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How to Reach Trimbakeshwar from Indore | Indore to Nashik

How to reach from Indore to Trimbakeshwar ?

Beginning your journey from one state and visiting another state is not challenging in 2022 as it was in 2020. The rules and restrictions are essential, and no hard rule can stop you from travelling through any possible route. The route that takes you from Indore to Trimbakeshwar is 390.9 km, but it is estimated as 453.2 km by road. The holy temple is located in the Trimbak District of Maharashtra, and the nearest city is Nashik. The glorifying history of the temple tempts devotees to visit the idol and the beautiful outskirts of the location. It is a pleasant place for Hindu believers and practitioners to have facilities to make their pilgrim smooth and comfortable. 

Stops you will be covering during Indore to Trimbakeshwar 

One of the most popular historical cities, Indore is the largest and most populous city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the traditional and modern city of the state. With its rich history, beautiful surroundings, unique traditions and many tourist attractions, Indore is a popular one in the state.

And is one of the most visited cities. The city was planned by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. It was the capital of the Maratha Holkar's institute. Indore city is well-connected by road, rail and air transport services.  Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport is located at a distance of 8 km from the city. Indore Junctions is the main railway station of the city. 

From Madhya Pradesh, you will be entering Maharashtra. The journey will cover the following places:

1. Pitampura

2. Sendhwa

3. Shivpuri

4. Dhule

5. Malegaon

6. Manmad

7. Nashik

8. Trimbak 

Key details of the journey

Distance: 453.2 km

Via: Indore-Agra National highway

Duration: 8 hrs 36 min


Road Route To Reach Trimbakeshwar Temple  

The road route from Indore to Trimbakeshwar is 543 km on the road, and it would roughly take 11 hours and 33 minutes to cover without any stop hours. You can go for a road trip and stick to Agra national highway, which covers the eight cities mentioned above. The whole journey will be empowering, and you will be able to discover many beautiful sights during your road trip. Please make sure to take necessary stops every 2.5-3 hours for roughly 30 min.

You can even take a bus to cover this journey, and many roadway services are available. You can book any of those online and start your religious journey to worship Lord Shiva at Trimbakeshwar temple.

Railway Route to Reach Trimbakeshwar Temple

The railway route will take about 8 hours and 30 minutes to complete the journey from Indore to Trimbakeshwar. You must take a train from Indore junction to reach Igatpuri Railway Station. Many trains are available, and one can choose as per their convenience. Please note that booking the train in advance is essential to avoid the unwanted rush; last-moment bookings are not advisable.

Indore To Nashik Flight Trimbakeshwar Temple

You can book a flight from Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport Area to Gandhinagar Airport or Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. By flight, the route is 391 km and takes around 6 hours and 18 min to reach Trimbakeshwar Temple from Indore.

Important Queries Relating to Travel from Indore to Trimbakeshwar

How far is Indore from Trimbakeshwar Temple?

Trimbakeshwar Temple is 447.8 km away from Indore through Mumbai—Agra National Highway and NH52. It is an 8-hour 34-min drive on this route by road. Through flight, it will take 391 km from Indore to Trimbakeshwar.

Which is the fastest way to Trimbakeshwar Temple from Indore?  

 The fastest way is to take a flight or train from Indore to Trimbakeshwar Temple. It will take approximately 6 hours and 18 min to reach your location.

Which is the cheapest mode of transportation to reach Trimbakeshwar temple from Indore?  

The cheapest mode to reach your destination is by taking a bus from Indore to Trimbakeshwar Temple. It will cost you around Rs 2400 to Rs 2600 and is the most recommended mode of transportation for this route. But it will take around 8 hours and 11 minutes to reach your destination.

What kind of weather is ideal for travelling to Trimbakeshwar?

Winter is the ideal time to visit Trimbakeshwar. The months of October to March are ideal for visiting Trimbakeshwar from Pune. These months have the most pleasant weather, with cooler temperatures and little rain.

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