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"One of the divine Jyotirlinga among Twelve Jyotirlingas in India"
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Somnath Temple, Gujarat-The First Jyotirlinga in World

Somnath Temple Jyotirlinga

Shiva Purna has dramatically mentioned the Jyotirlinga's, reflecting the importance of such valuable idols in the lives of Hindu people. The origin of Linga is related to a Hindu mythological tale that involves Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma had a debate which was a heated argument. To peace out the situation, Lord Shiva pierced three places in the world, resulting in pillars of light. Those pillars of lights cooled down into two Jyotirlinga out of the total count of sixty-four.


Lord Shiva is worshipped around the world. A Jyotirlinga is an idol representing Lord Shiva, and devotees across the globe offer prayers and idolize the Jyotirlinga. There are sixty-four such spread over India and Nepal, and twelve are worshipped and considered highly sacred.
Somnath Temple is regarded as the number one out of the twelve most precious Jyotirlinga. It is a source of inspiration for true believers of Lord Shiva is a nearby coastline and offers a mesmerizing view. People are adored and thrilled by the experience of visiting Somnath in Gujarat with fellow friends, family and close net people.


Somnath temple is a sacred place for Hindus. It is located in Veraval, Gujarat, India. The origin of this Linga is unknown to the world, and it is considered roughly between the first millennium to the ninth century. A well-structured temple that attracts devotees worldwide was completed in 1951. It has seen many reconstructions to maintain and help devotees enjoy their pilgrimage to the holy temple. A count of sixteen reconstructions is recorded to maintain the beautiful temple and its unique architecture. It was well known as Somesvara back in ancient times and included in ancient Indian text. The nearby location Somnath has been a part of mentioning of places in Hindu mythology such as Mahabharat.


Som means moon, and Somnath temple is considered to be built by Lord Moon using precious metal Gold. It is an offering by Lord Moon to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was the healing source for the illness of Lord Moon, which was a curse by Saksha Prajapati.
Prajapati gave the curse as Lord Moon was not giving his attention to twenty-six wives, who were daughters to Prajapati as Lord Moon was fascinated by Rohini.
Mentioning the Somnath temple in history and mythology is not new to people who have read Hindi literature. It is believed that Lord Krishna was hurt near this place, and Lord Moon built the temple by Gold; Ravana was made using silver, and later it was built using stones by Bhimdev.
The historical description of the temple is alluring in itself. Historians believe it once hundreds of musicians, dancers, etc., performed in the temple. The legacy was well established by was not acceptable by Muslim rulers. Significant destruction of the temple was caused at multiple intervals.

Somanath mandir


Located in Gujarat, one can reach this place by road, train, or air, and it is an entirely connected place. Somnath is where one can go quickly; it is 400 km from Ahmedabad, 200 km away from the nearest Rajkot airport and its railway station.
It is a place with many nearby site-seeing options to make your trip memorable. One can choose to visit Gir Forest, indulge in bird watching and can witness high-cultural value reflected by tradition.
To know about interior details, one has to visit the temple. The ruling authorities do not allow the visitors to take pictures or make videos. It is a mesmerizing experience to explore the well-designed temple, and people can have pre-booking of prasad through the official website.
The trust has a facility to allow devotees to make donations with the help of e-collect. The best version of the temple is seen during the late hours. The dazzling lighting of the place is festive and soul-soothing.
When the weather is pleasant, you can easily capture the external display of the surrounding. The golden color of the temple seems like real gold and gives a very refreshing feel to the one who is on-looking.

Gujarat's tourism includes prominent space for Somnath Temple, and early morning Locals and visitors adore arti and Puja. People native to this place welcome visitors and share their age-old tales about the temple. Here we are with some interesting facts about the fantastic Somnath temple.


  • While visiting Somnath temple, you can notice a gigantic statue, and it is of Sir Vallabh Bhai Patel. The temple roughly took five years till it received the final day of completion in 1951; after that, many reconstructions have been performed over the temple. Historians and philosophers share various tales and fascinating stories about Lord Krishna and his heavenly aboard. It is said there is a stone located in the area near the temple that can produce real gold. Due to radioactivity, it has magnetic and magical powers, and substances can float over it.

Who invaded the somnath temple in gujarat?

 It was considered that Muslim rulers once invaded Somnath in earlier times, and restrictions were laid down to stop offering prayers at the temple.

  • As per Sanskrit text, the temple is located on the first piece of land which connects the longitude stretched till Antarctica. The specialty of this feature is no land is in an alignment over this longitude from start point till endpoint.
  • Believers of Lord Shiva are attracted to the temple and often spend hours just gazing at the surroundings and the Linga.
  • During November or December, a large-scale fair is organized at Somnath temple, specifically conducted on Kartik Purnima.
  • Another special occasion that is profoundly celebrated here is Mahashivratri. The occasion is celebrated with utmost joy and celebration by devotees from all over the country. People are drawn towards the temple and are amazed by the way locals welcome them with peace and positivity to get blessings from Lord Shiva.
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