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"One of the divine Jyotiringla among Twelve Jyotrinlingas in India"
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What is Tripindi Shradha and its Benefits?

Tripindi Shradha Benefits


In this blog, we are discussing Tripindi Shradha Benefits. Tripindi Shradha means Pinddaan of our forefathers of the last three generations. It is Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja. The Pind is made with a mixture of Rice, Seasome seeds, Barley flour, and Ghee. If anyone in the family from the last three generations has passed away at a very young age or old age for those souls, we perform Tripindi Shradha. It is believed that departed souls of ancestors who have an incidental death of any kind, be it by a car accident, bitten by a snake or poisonous snake and who had died with unfulfilled desires, causes problems to next generation as Shardha is performed to offer food and water to the Pitru Devtas. Tripindi Shardha Puja is a ceremony of offering food and water to the souls of departed ancestors. This is known as Tripindhi Shradha Puja Vidhi.

Most people have an idea about Shradha, which means satisfying the last three generations. But this is not only related to the last three generations but also related to any soul who is not satisfied in his life and passed away. Such a soul troubles future generations. To calm such a soul, we perform Tripindi Shradha Puja.

As per the ancient scripture, It is suggested that this rite is performed only at the tirtha kshetra. Trimbakeshwar Temple has great importance in performing Tripindi Shardha Puja. Trimbakeshwar temple is an ancient temple in Trimbak village, Nashik, Maharashtra.

Tripindi Shardha Mantra:

“ये न पितुः पितरो ये पितामहा |

य आविविशुरुर्वन्तरिक्षम् ||

य आक्षियन्ति पृथिवीमुत द्यां |

तेभ्यः पितृभ्यो नमसा विधेम ॥”

Meaning: The Atharva Veda states, We satisfy the ancestors of three generations, namely, Pita(father), Pitamah (grandfather), and Pra-Pitamah (forefathers).

Tripindi Shradha Benefits:

  • The main benefit of Tripindi Shradha is; it removes the Pitru Dosha.
  • It gives salvation to the discontent sole of ancestors, which in turn give us blessings from them.
  • It will give happiness and peace to person and family.
  • Person and family will be blessed with good health and wealth.
  • Performing the Tripindi Shardha puja brings harmony to family relation.
  • It benefits with financial flow and stability. 
  • A person can observe a good marriage proposal after performing Tripindi Shardha.
  • It protects against unnatural and early deaths in the family.
  • The person will be successful in life and will attain salvation after his death. 
  • While another Shradha is performed for a specific individual or are performed particularly for the last three generations, but Tripindi Shradha is performed for ancestors earlier than three generations. 

Important Note: Puja takes 2/3 hours to complete. Devotee Should reach Trimbakeshwar one day before the puja. One should have a bath in the holy water of Kushavarta and Observe a fast.

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